White Wives and The Black Man

white wife and her negro lover

White Wives and The Black Man

The phenomenon of white wives experiencing interracial sex at the hands of a black lover with her husband’s consent and encouragement is exploding across America and the entire world. It is THE best kept secret of all sexual activities, and understandably so.

Ahhh, but what a sweet and wonderful secret it IS!

Husbands and wives are reaching out to black men everywhere from New York City to Peoria, Illinois to embrace black male sexuality and bring it into the intimacy of their marriage bed. But just what is it that makes the white husband put aside his jealousy and invite the black man between the legs of his sweet wife, that she may enjoy being the object of his powerful Negro lust and desire?

Indeed there is a shortage out there of good black men. This is because there are many more white wives looking for black lovers than there are black men to satisfy that demand. Thus the black men that are available are highly sought after and experiencing more than their share of attention from white couples.

The sexual dynamic between the married white couple and the black men they play with is vibrant and intense. The sexual interplay between the white wife and her negro lover brings out an intensity of sexual passion that no other union can equal.

The wise white husband nurtures and channels this erotic intensity back into his relationship with his wife, in a way that enhances their relationship, making their sex life more deeply fulfilling. He comes to view the black man as the key to unlocking the full and true sexual potential of his wife, leading to ever-deeper levels of joy and fulfillment for her and for them as a couple.

Invariable a white couple’s “first time.” Is a whirlwind of erotic feeling and experience that they never forget, and often equal or surpassing in intensity their first sex together. When the white husband sees and hears his wife with a Negro lover, he is witness to the true depths of her sexuality.

forbidden interracial lustHer very first orgasm at the hands of her black sexual partner marks a turning point from which there is no return. From that moment on she is a changed woman, never to return to the confines of her former sexuality, but rather to blossom into a woman of sexual experience and sensitivity as her full erotic potential is brought out for her husband to behold and enjoy.

All aspects of the decision to embark upon this new lifestyle is charged with excitement, and tinged with mild apprehension. The white couple knows they are on a journey that will bring them to untold erotic adventures, and change forever their sexual relationship.

This is a decision not made lightly, but rather with full understanding that once she experiences the power sin of interracial adultery as her husband looks on.
Then coming back into his arms with the smell of her interracial indiscretions upon her body, for him to marvel at and enjoy. To show her husband in sight and sound her full enjoyment of her Negro as he mounts her and takes what has been offered to him is so deliciously hot and dazzlingly erotic for the white couple.

And so the lifestyle spreads, grows, and encompasses so many white couples from all walks of life. It is the sweetest secret, the deepest sexual fulfillment, and the most wonderful and mysterious social phenomenon of all. It calls to white couples and black men from varied backgrounds to come and join by mutual consent in this feast of pleasure and enjoyment.

Many white men have written to ask me just how they might introduce their women to the joys of interracial sexing. My answer is always the same, and that is to let your lady see in you the deeply held belief in the power of black male sexuality to totally pleasure her, she will hunger for it again and again. Time and again she will engage in the sweet conviction that this is right for both you and her.

No one but YOU can do this! You know how well your woman knows you, and thus you must convince yourself of the “rightness” of the interracial act, before she will be willing to trust you and to go forward into the interracial lifestyle.

You must do this gently and with confidence. Don’t push or appear too anxious. Feel in your mind that this is a special and delightful gift you want to give her when SHE is ready! Let her discover and explore this topic online. Let her see the Yahoo groups devoted to interracial sexuality and look at the pictures of white women and black men together.

Ask her without judgment or criticism how she feels about what she has seen and read. Make her feel confident and secure enough to discuss these topics with you, and if she is willing to, express her feelings about them, constantly reassure her that you respect her opinion and will not judge her for what she says.

If you get a sense that she is trying to gauge YOUR feelings on it, then let her know, but again…do it without seeming overly anxious. Tell her gently, quietly, and with confidence that you think this kind of thing could be very exciting and positive for a couple, but only if they are honest, open, and explore this lifestyle together.

At first she will balk, as her disbelief will not allow her to seriously contemplate what you are offering her. But in time, your sincerity, understanding, and gentle encouragement will win her over to the point where she will yearn to experience the “first time” that thanks to you she will have read and heard about.

interracial loversTry to discuss this when the two of you are making love and if you sense that it turns her on, you can delve further into these fantasies and use them to bring her to orgasm. Get her to feel that any fantasies she has about black men are normal and healthy, and most important of all that YOU find her interracial fantasies beautiful and erotic!

Once she gets beyond the disbelief stage, she will be ready for your guiding encouragement. More and more she will look forward to that special magical time when she parts her thighs for a Negro lover. Plant the lovely seed of interracial desire in her mind, gently but firmly encourage her to dream, and she will reward your patience as you witness the delightful blossoming of her sexuality and her growing eagerness to lie with the black man.

The first sights and sounds of your wife’s adultery with the black man as you look on are NOT for the feint of heart. They will be intense, profound, and profane. This is not the lovemaking of poem and song, but a strong and powerful intrusion of black desire and sexuality into your woman.

Will you be ready?

The black man will take her with firmness and vigor. He will assert his sexuality for her to feel and for you to see as his large black penis rudely intrudes into the sanctity of your married intimacy. Each deep and powerful thrust of his thick black penis will mark her as a woman needing the deep satisfaction of the black man’s sexuality, and bring the two of you further and further into the deep and enduring mysteries of the interracial lifestyle.

You may feel deep jealousy, but this is perfectly normal. Your wife will in all likelihood feel a lingering shame once her orgasms have subsided and she has come down from the lofty excitement that the black penis has brought her to.

Her shame is the sweetest and most wonderful gift she will bring to you, because it will allow you to reassure her of your love, acceptance and acknowledgement of the beauty of what she has done with the black man in your eyes.

As you hold each other, her shame and embarrassment, and your jealousy will bathe the two of you with the warm glow of mixing emotions and excitement. It is then that you will bond together over this intense experience. The mixture of powerful emotions will give way to a new excitement, as you and your wife ree that you have embarked upon the interracial lifestyle.

With each new encounter, with each new Negro lover, you will turn those feelings to joy and passion. You will revel in the excitement and deep fulfillment that only interracial sexuality can bring. Most wonderfully of all, you will channel this new-found excitement and passion back into your marriage, bringing you both closer, and charging your own sex life with renewed and lasting vigor.

interracial bliss

As you both grow in experience and confidence, you may find the need to help and encourage others to discover the joys that you have. Thus you may decide to assist other couples with information, support, and gentle encouragement as they move forward to investigate and explore the possibilities that the interracial lifestyle can offer.

Be ready with a sympathetic ear and encouraging words. Share your story and experiences with them. Explain the joy that you have found, and bear witness to the liberating power of interracial sexuality.

Good luck and much pleasure!


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