The Negro Lover in History

the beauty of interracial desireThe Negro Lover in History

In this essay about interracial sexuality, and the true role of the negro lover in the history of the old south. I will attempt to share a little historical perspective on the practice of miscegenation and what made the interracial taboo so powerful and intoxicating.

As we all know the history of the Old South was a litany of slavery and racism. Black slaves had no freedoms whatsoever, and there was always a fear among the slave owners of a slave rebellion. Contacts between black slaves and white women a serious interracial taboo, were strictly forbidden and in some instances punishable by death. The white men of the Old South feared the black man’s primitive and powerful sexuality. They wanted to protect their women from it and from being tainted by interracial sexuality . However many southern white women did get involved sexually with black slaves, and in doing so found that all the rumors about the black man’s powerful sexuality were true!

The size, power, and potency of the black penis was much greater than that of the white men, and so the white men were jealous and feared their women would find more sexual satisfaction from a negro lover than from themselves. Many a white husband harbored a secret fear that his prim and proper Southern wife was secretly seeing a Negro lover behind his back, craving the superior satisfaction the Negro could give her.

white wife and her black lover

With the coming of the Civil Rights Movement, all this changed. Black demanded their rights, and wanted to be treated equally and fairly. For a long time, black’s and white were still not allowed to marry or to have intimate relations with each other, but the momentum of the civil rights movement eventually resulted in this changing as well.

In fact many young white women who were involved in the civil rights movement as volunteers had sex with black men as a way protesting racism and bringing healing and reconciliation to the black community. They may have slept with a negro lover for political reasons, but soon found out what incredible lovers the black men were, and wound up enjoying sex with black men for it’s own sake! Now no laws prohibit miscegenation between blacks and whites. White women are now free to enjoy the black man sexually and to partake of all of the sexual pleasure and joy that a negro lover can give. This is especially prevalent in the South, where white women and black men are making up for years of oppression that kept them apart, and white women are seeking out and enjoying black men sexually in ever increasing numbers.

negro loving white wifeOne of the latest trends in interracial relations and miscegenation involves sexual relationships between married white women and their negro lovers, often with the full knowledge and consent of the woman’s white husband. White couples are thus embracing black sexuality with enthusiasm and enjoying the experience immensely. White husbands instead of fearing black male sexuality are now openly encouraging their wives to enjoy it, noting how much happier and more fulfilled their wives are when they get the deeply pleasurable sex their black lovers give them. This often brings the husband and wife closer than ever, improving the happiness and stability of the marriage.

White married often called interracial wives who engage in sexual relations with a negro lover are making a statement against racism and prejudice, they are showing their daughters that there are many wonderful possibilities for satisfaction and pleasure within a good and strong marriage! Often these women will tell you that they do not want their daughters to grow up with the same racial prejudice they did, and do not want them to have to wait until they are in middle age to discover the wonderful deep satisfaction of black sexuality.

Most often a white husband will introduce this concept of having a black boyfriend to his wife. Wives often have a tough time adjusting to the idea at first, feeling that it is being unfaithful, but upon trying it for the first time, they quickly come to enjoy the experience and make it a regular part of their lives. Part of the myth of the interracial taboo is that once a white woman has sexual relations with a black man it is said she will always want it again and again. Many a white wife has said the best thing they ever did was try sex with a black man, often at the urging of their husband.

bedding the white woman

Black men take their white women with pride, strength, and sexual vigor. They have the sexual stamina to last long and provide maximum pleasure to their white women. Lucky the married white woman who also has a negro lover who can give her the potent sexual satisfaction she loves and cannot do without! The black man typically has a higher testosterone level, and so is larger, more muscular, has a higher sex drive, and a longer thicker penis, which often stays somewhat hard even after orgasm. Black men also tend to produce much more cum as well, which their white women also enjoy.

Many white women are somewhat afraid of the size and power of the Negro penis, however they quickly adjust to it’s length and girth, and come to enjoy being stretched and filled by their Negro boyfriend’s penis, which is most often much larger than their white husband’s. Not all white women are attracted to the black man and want sex with him, but those that are tend to know it very early in life, often when they are only in their teens. The interracial taboo holds for them a certain excitement that sex with a negro provides, and are drawn to the contrast in skin color as well.

slutty white wifeThe black man also has a natural proclivity to want to be intimate with the white woman. Many black men seek out white women exclusively for intimate relations, as do many white women who state emphatically that they will only have sex with a black man! To see how many white women are drawn to the black man, one needs only to walk the corridors of the average high school or shopping mall in the South, and they will see scores of beautiful young white girls arm in arm with their dark skinned Negro boyfriends. In this pairing, the powerful sexuality and needs of the black man, find an eager and ready acceptance from their beautiful white girlfriends,  and interracial wives who enjoy how their black boyfriends give them the strong vigorous lovemaking that only black men can.

Often a young white girl has been seduced by an older black man and felt the powerfully exciting feelings sweeping through her from her older partner. This first experience often marks a girl as a lover of black men, when she tries sex with white boys and finds that they don’t compare to the black man in the bedroom.

wife's forbidden desiresIn modern times the sexual choices available to white women are many, and it is clear that sexual relationships between a white women and a negro lover will only increase as time goes on! Interracial wives and miscegenation are here to stay!

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