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My First Negro Cock – But Not My Last!

My first negro cock was something my boyfriend and I had discussed at length, and fantasized over, but we always seem to put off doing it. Somehow though, I knew that one day it would really happen, one day I … Continue reading

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Black Fucking – Recuiting My Friend Jan

As you may have read in a previous post about black fucking, I have recently “gone black” and am now about 14 weeks black preggo by Rochester, one of my hubbie’s friends.  You can read more about  me and my … Continue reading

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Snowflake and Her Bull

This beautiful white “snowflake” enjoys her big black bull in this wonderful video clip! To lovers of the interracial lifestyle there is nothing sexier than a white woman enjoying her black man

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A Night With A Big Black Man – Harris

by Diane Charles Linford I have a story about my nite with a big black man named Harris to share with you. I’d been reluctant to put it into words for a while, but what the heck…you are all friends … Continue reading

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My Cuckold Fantasies

My cuckold fantasies started with me wanting girls I dated to sleep with other men, maybe 5 years ago. I never really had the opportunity until I was in college and met “Ann”. I went to school in a big … Continue reading

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Interracial Swinging – How It Began for Us

This is the story of our journey into interracial swinging. I met my wife when she was still in high school and I married her right after graduation. She was everything a young man could want, Beautiful, smart and a … Continue reading

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Mom Prefers a Black Dick!

Mom prefers a black dick when she can get one, and in this nice video clip you will see why! There’s nothing like a black dick…IS THERE?

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My Introduction to Interracial Sexuality

As a 42 year old white woman, I must admit that my curiosity and interest in interracial sexuality started way back when I was in high school. However, growing up in rural Texas, it wasn’t easy to necessarily just go … Continue reading

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Connie’s Story Part 4 – My Interracial Wedding!

Last time I got a little ahead of myself so lets back up a minute. If you remember James said he would not marry me unless I was pregnant. Well we were married when I was 5 months pregnant. Every … Continue reading

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Connie’s Story Part 3 – Having My Black Man’s Child

After that weekend in Atlanta there was no great conversation between James and me but we made love AKA fucked more often and the passion was more intense than before and I did not think that was possible. James is … Continue reading

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