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Interracial Loving in The Old South

Interracial loving did indeed take place in the Old South. White ladies and wives of plantation owners helped themselves to black male slaves just as their husbands enjoyed sex with female slaves. History downplays the amount of interracial sexing that … Continue reading

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My First Negro Cock – But Not My Last!

My first negro cock was something my boyfriend and I had discussed at length, and fantasized over, but we always seem to put off doing it. Somehow though, I knew that one day it would really happen, one day I … Continue reading

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Black Fucking – Recuiting My Friend Jan

As you may have read in a previous post about black fucking, I have recently “gone black” and am now about 14 weeks black preggo by Rochester, one of my hubbie’s friends.  You can read more about  me and my … Continue reading

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Getting Your Wife to Go Black

The how of getting your wife to go black is something I have been asked so many times I’ve lost count! I don’t consider myself an expert by any means but I have helped advise a dozen or so couples … Continue reading

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Interracial Pinch Hitter

I’m a white guy who sees the erotic side of white girls getting it rough from black guys. I like the thought of you cumming at the thought of doing her. I encouraged a couple of old girlfriends into doing … Continue reading

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Bareback Interracial Fun!

Bareback interracial fun proved to be an unbelievably hot adventure for my wife and I.  Here is our story! Me and Mel never use condoms, in all the years we’ve gone bareback with no problems at all. Mel knows when … Continue reading

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Trailer Park Blonde and Her Black Man

This married trailer park blonde is enjoying the sexual attention of her black man. With scenes like this playing out all over America, it’s a sign that the interracial lifestyle is growing by leaps and bounds! This married white woman … Continue reading

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Interracial Wife Cuckold

An interracial wife cuckold and her black sexing is the most exciting thing a husband can witness! This married white woman is showing her true lust for the black man as her hubby films. The black man brings this white … Continue reading

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Amateur Interracial Wife

Amateur interracial wife enjoys the attentions of her negro lover as her husband watches, encourages, and films! Scenes like this are being repeated all of the country in white bedrooms as white husbands are learning their wives need interracial stimulation … Continue reading

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A Blonde and Her Black Man

A blonde and her black man get it on while her husband videos. Scenes like this are getting more and more common as married white women discover that their husbands are open to them having black lovers! The sites and … Continue reading

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