Sex With Black Men – How I Got My Wife To Try It

cheating wife and black lover

Sex with black men is something I convinced my white wife to try. Some have asked me how I was able to do this, and and how she went from rejecting the idea to embracing her role as a sexual partner to black men. Here is my take on my subject.

First, I don’t think you can convince someone to do something they don’t want to do. You can convince someone who wants to do something that but is fearful or hesitant about taking that first step. My hot wife is very sexual and enjoys sex a lot, so her rejection of the idea was more about our relationship versus her not having a desire to have hot sex with a sexy black man.

When fantasizing or watching porn the thoughts of a hung black man ravishing her body was definitely a turn on for her but not something she thought she could ever do. Would I think differently of her, treat her differently, love her less? Getting her turned on thinking about a sex with black men was easy, convincing her that I would still be by her side and love her more than ever was the hard part. I could say the words but she could never be sure until I demonstrated it.

worshiping the black cock

The first time was not planned but I saw the opportunity and encouraged the interaction for as far as it might go. We had ended up at a strip club that featured nude male and female dancers on different stages so there was something for everyone. I made sure her drink was always full and kept a steady stream of private table dances for her from the black strippers.

After I saw how much she was enjoying these and getting loose, I told one of the dancers that I was cool with whatever she was up for, so don’t worry about me being present. He recommended that we move to a dark corner table out of view of the DJ. There the dances got hotter including some mutual touching, they were caressing her tits and reaching up under her skirt and she was kissing black cock. She told me “I have to have one”. So we met one at a nearby motel after the club closed.

At first I sat back and watched as they kissed and began ripping each others clothes off. She sucked on his really big black cock until he pushed her back on the bed and began to slowly fuck her brains out. I moved closer and kissed her and whispered in her ear how incredibly hot and sexy she was at that moment. She came multiple times.

undressing her black lover

The next day in addition to being hung over, she was also unsure about what she had done. She told me that she would never do that again. Instead of fighting it I supported whatever decision she wanted to make but believe me I reminded her how hot she was with a hung black man and how much I loved her every chance I got. It was her choice, she wanted more and I was there to support her wishes.

As she progressed spending more and more time in sex with black men, it became more normal and natural. She let go of all of the “normal” upbringing that this is wrong and she shouldn’t be doing it, much less enjoying it. It became the new normal that she, a white wife, should be having sex with black men as often as possible.

When I look back, I think that one of the key defining moments for her change came when she started dating without me and spending the night or weekend or longer with her lovers alone. I was out of sight so she could focus on her lover’s needs without worrying about my reaction or my needs.

Spending the night also gave her much more time to just be with the men when not having sex. They explained the needs and desires of a black man as it relates to a white woman and talked freely about the many married white women who absolutely crave black cock. It became normal. I saw a shift in attitude where she was now wanting to be the best lover she could be for her black men and make them want more of her.

laying with the black man

That shift from her being a hot wife and needing a good fucking, to wanting to be a sought after desirable hot wife for black men happened pretty quickly once the change started. She jumped into the culture listening to nothing but hip hop, began wearing clothes that they wanted to see her in and embraced their sexual desires. Her limits were pushed and she expanded her sexual self.

Now she has a deep seated need for sex with black men and she feeds that obsession several times a week. It went from my need to see her with a hung black man, to her need for hot sex, now to a new need for her to bring pleasure and meet the needs of black men.

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6 Responses to Sex With Black Men – How I Got My Wife To Try It

  1. b.j. says:

    The first time you shared your wife and let her have sex with a black man did you let her have bareback sex or did you take precaution, pill, condom, etc. and in the following encounters did she allow bareback sex chancing pregnancy or was it safe sex.

  2. Tom says:

    I hope that soon, I can write that she chose “bareback” as the way to go. We are still searching for Mr. Right!

    Wish us luck. We are both very excited.

  3. Imtiaz says:

    My wife is being used by all her lovers bareback without any tab, but I have to always wear a condom, she likes to get a present from her lovers as a baby.

  4. donnyboy says:

    My wife started in high school. I knew it when we got married. She told me I would not have sex with her and I agreed. I love to watch her suck and be fucked. She taught me how to suck correctly and I enjoy that. It is a different life but I find it very erotic. I am only allowed to cum with permission so I get extremely horny and obey every command. I wear a chastity devise to work to prevent me from playing with myself. This is not for everyone but for me it is perfect.

  5. Joe says:

    Hi I’m wanting to get my wife to go black she checks black guys out all the time so i think she wants to but just dont know how to go about saying anything about it any one have any ideals thanks

  6. blkpumpm says:

    I am a 49 y/o white male. I’ve long had fantasies about getting my wife to have sex with a black bull with a big beautiful cock. In one version of the fantasy I eat her pussy until she is wet and then I suck him hard, once he is hard I guide him into her. After he fucks her to multiple orgasms and he cums deep in her I lick her clean. Then, I lick him clean and suck him hard so they can go again. After the second round is done I suck his magnificent cock clean and after he leaves her and I have sex with me cleaning his cum out of her once again before we fuck.

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