My First Black Man

first black man

Before I experienced my first black man, I, probably like a lot of white wives, had a secret fantasy of being fucked by a one.  My husband & I were having problems and one day I posted my secret desire on a Yahoo group.

I received a number of responses but one man stood out. He was mature, also married and seemed very sweet. We exchanged a few e-mails before finally agreeing to meet.

Our first meeting was to be for coffee only at a restaurant far from both of our homes. We were both very nervous but I was very taken by him. In spite of our coffee only agreement he invited me to his home.

sucking black cockI had to duck down in the car seat till we pulled into his garage and the moment the garage door shut his hands were all over me. We kissed and he played with my tits.

I was soon naked from the waist up and thought he was going to fuck me right there in his car. However he took me inside the house and finished undressing me in the kitchen.  Naked he lead me to a bedroom and had me lay on the bed.

He kissed me some more, all the while playing with my titties & pussy. Finally he went down on me and ate my pussy till I had a huge orgasm. I then preformed oral on him till he mounted me and gave me one hell of a fucking.

I would have loved to have had him fuck me again but he was concerned about some one coming home. I put my jeans & panties back on and we went back to his car. I put my bra & blouse back on.

I then ducked down in the seat again (I was so tempted to suck his cock while he was backing out of the drive but thought better of it) and he drove me back to my car.

He fucked me weekly after that for months, but then for reasons I still don’t understand he just stopped. I hope my next encounter with a black man works out as good as my first black man!

interracial adultery


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  1. Bobby says:

    I wish you all the luck in finding another lover and thanks for sharing your story.

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