Interracial Cheating Wife – My Tried and True Belief

wife with black lover

by Katie Jo

I am an interracial cheating wife, and here is my story. I feel that white women owe black men a great debt. There are many ways to repay but not all are practical. Black men were so horribly treated in slavery and afterward that it is unforgivable. Only in recent history have they been given rights. They are still discriminated against to this day.

The only right way to repay and heal relations between the two races is for all white women of legal age to sexually care for black men.  this includes all married and single white females. I have come to believe this 9 years  ago. I will explain. Men in general are so sexually charged and stimulated by women that their greatest pleasure in life is having sex with many different women.

Men are extremely visually stimulated. They enjoy a woman’s touch, their mouths caressing every inch of their bodies. I know this from many conversations with men as well as  psychology courses in college. I also have much experience now. The white women should also give money to them when in need, even if it comes from their white husbands accounts. Not hurting yourself or family financially, but do all you can do for him.

This is where the interracial cheating wife can please the black man in the deepest way. The black man loves the interracial taboo with the added excitement of making love to the white man’s woman. Many have told me that. I have met a few other women who do what I do but don’t know why they are doing it. They are just so turned on by the black man that they pleasure him in every way.

White women who read this should do exactly as I have done. You can keep it secret if
you want to and if you do it right. I have been able to keep my feelings beliefs and
activities from family and friends for a long time. I did marry a white man and love him
very much. My family would have never accepted a black man and it would have been a
miserable life to deal with it. I think in the end this was the best way actually for me to
“Repay the Black Man”.

enjoying interracial intercourse

The first experience with a black man was my third year in college. I made out with a black guy in the back seat of a bus coming back from a party. We became friends and  confidants. I listened to him, learned his inner feelings, bitterness and anger about  how his forefathers were treated, his grandparents and parents alike. I became compassionate to him and his black brothers. I began to feel a need to take care of him. I would caress him, talk to him, kiss him all over his body. I did everything for him.

I found out what excited him and I became so engrossed in pleasuring him that I was
obsessed with pleasing his black body and mind. I let him do anything to me. When he
came by I would kiss him and fall to my knees and stroke him, caress him, take him in my
mouth, milk him in my mouth.

sexy black man

Tell him how I loved his black cock, how much better and bigger the black man was
than the white man. I would feel so good that I made him feel so good. He would leave
feeling no anger no depression. I almost had a feeling of deep spiritual achievement for
making another human being feel so good about himself after feeling so low all those years.

After I left college I didn’t see him anymore. I moved back home and since then I have
had three black men that I have taken care of in this way. I have done it discreetly
because the town I live in is only about twenty thousand people in Georgia. I was married
six years ago to a guy I knew in high school, I am happy with him and my daughter. I feel
as an interracial cheating wife, I am more satisfied than most women because of what I do.
I do not sleep with every black man. I believe you should pick one out you find attractive
and care for him sexually.

wife kissing black man's cock

The black man is without question the best lover on earth, he is massive and powerful, he
manhandles a woman in bed and can also be so gentle and loving. He loves to be freaky. He is in general well endowed. I always take his cum inside me. He feels powerful and dominating when he does this. When he calls I make sure I get to him in my car or where ever so I can bring him relief. It is so easy when done right. I just say I have to run to Wal-Mart or the grocery store.

There are places in the woods and parking lots to take care of him. I have gone before and been back within an hour with his juice still inside me, still tingling, still stretched out, I love that feeling. I have even pulled up beside him in the wal-mart parking lot at night, he jumps in my back seat of the van and I get back there and milk his black cock with my mouth within fifteen minutes. He leaves I go in and get milk and bread and I am back home within thirty five minutes. I buy him gifts and give him some gas money.

My husband has no idea that I am an interracial cheating wife and if he doesn’t know then he is not hurt, but the black man feels so much better. So you can’t debate that logic. If you worry about STD’s then a condom is necessary, and there is no reason what so ever not to give yourself to a black man of your choice.

white wife sucking her black man

So with that I call on all white females to pleasure the black mans body, his powerful cock, his wonderful mind. I think you will be surprised. You don’t have to lose your family, a black man doesn’t want that, he just wants the feeling of interracial taboo, and the exquisite pleasure of his black cock in a white woman.

The mental pleasure you will feel is wonderful and the physical pleasure you will feel from being on your knees with his massive black cock in your mouth and then to have him mount you with his powerful body and then penetrate you with his beautiful black cock is so exciting that you will almost black out from the pleasure.

He will stroke you slowly opening you up to accept his large manhood, then he will work you in and out opening you up stretching you out and then he will pound you into oblivion, the black man is the worlds best at this. When he cums it is so much and he just continues to fuck you until you are fully pleasured.

big black loverThe feeling of his big black body mounting  you, between your legs, slowly entering you,
working his massive black cock in and out until you are stretched and slopping wet for
him to do his thing, driving deep and wide, pounding, the feel of his big black balls slapping your ass, his powerful thrusts until the two of you cum so hard.

The interracial taboo of this black man taking you, you submit to his desires and needs, cumming inside of you. I promise you that you will find the greatest pleasure in being an interracial cheating wife. You live one time and should experience this on a regular basis.

Females are by nature attracted to strong males and females have an instinct to take the biggest males inside them, I know this for I satisfy that deep need to take his seed deep in me, you will also once you cross the line and take care of black cock. If you are a white wife like me….then please trust me on this and do as I have done, please think about it. Become an interracial cheating wife. You will not be sorry and you will experience the most erotic times of your life. Mentally and physically. No need for anyone to know, that will only hurt family and friends. Keep it to yourself and take care of black men for the good of mankind.


Katie Jo

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