Black White Sex – My Interracial Urge

a black man's girl

I talked in an earlier post about black white sex (I think the sexiest black men are older black men) and about becoming interested in older black men. My venture into interracial sex was a secret from my mom for several months.

Deep down I knew she would eventually find out but I tried to keep it very private. But we all sometimes do some careless things, and one of mine came one night after my tutoring session. One of my extracurriculum activites in high school was serving as a volunteer tutor at a community adult education class.

One of the guys in there was a 24 year old black man (I was 17 at the time) to whom I had been giving special tutoring. One night he needed a ride home so I volunteered to drive him. We had been doing some flirting duriing our tutoring sessions and when we got to my car we started making out. I was really enjoying kissing him.

He was tall, about 6’3, slender with the tight muscles, and he had the strong Negroid features which included the yummy dark skin which I love and the thicker lips. To have more privacy, I drove to an abandoned industrial building on the edge of town and parked behind it.

loving the licorice stick

I felt safe since there was no way to see my car from a house or street. We kissed some more then he slid his hand under my blouse and was rubbing my breasts. I unhooked my bra for him and played with my nipples and cupped my breast.

They are very sensitive so he had me going. I unbuttoned my top and removed my bra. He mouthed the nipples while he massaged my breasts. I had my hand on his thigh and I began to caress and rub it through his jeans.

This really excited him and he was really squirming. I undid his jeans, pulled out his penis, and leaned over to take it into my mouth. Lickiing it with my tongue, I caressed his balls with my hand and then began to take the length of his black cock into my mouth.

He was quite well-endowed so I could only accomodate part of him, but he was really enjoying as was I. He hastily kicked his jeans off and removed his shirt to reveal his entire deliciously naked dark body.

I removed my jeans and blouse and revelled in having the night air blowing against my naked white body. The contrast of his naked dark body and my white skin would have been intoxicating for someone to see I am sure. It was for me. 🙂

Sam leaned against the car door and spread his legs, indicating he wanted me to resume sucking him. I did so very willingly. Sucking black cock is something I love to do, especially if they are very big. I was very intent on sucking him, when suddenly I saw blue lights sweeping over the car.

sucking the black man

I looked behind us and there was a police squad car with its lights shining on my car. Almost panicking, I tried to pull myself together and throw my clothes on. I managed to get into my jeans and Sam did also. He got his shirt on and sit in the passenger’s seat.

The officer walked to my window and I noticed it was a black officer who I knew was married to a lady who used to work for my mom. He asked what we were doing parked there and I tried to pass it off as just talking but then he told us to both get out of the car.

It was then very obvious to him that we were both partially undressed. He separated us and talked to Sam a few moments and then sent him off. When he came back to me, he said that he wasn’t going to arrest us although we had been trespassing.

He then told me that it was dangerous for me to be indulging in the sort of activity that we were obviously participating in, that I should confine it to more private places. I had already prepared myself to sweet talk him into not doing anything to us.

I had left my blouse unbuttoned so that he could have a good view of my breasts, and when he said he was not going to arrest us I was so happy that I gave him a hug. Having been so turned on in the car, I just sort of naturally pressed my body against his.

He just pushed me away when he could and told me that I just needed to go home. I did so, although somewhat disappointed that he didn’t accept the implied offer of sex in gratitude. I thought the matter was over, but he did tell his wife and she called my mom, telling her what happened and that she felt she would need to know.

This was how my mom discovered that I had a very strong passion for black men. After a few days, she had a long talk with me about this matter, and in the long run it was a great thing. Maybe in my next post I will write about that talk and the understanding and sharing that it led to.

my negro lover

Our talk about black white sex it was quite startling but liberating at the same time and led to my enjoying black men at a higher level. And it revealed to me some of my mom’s past that brought us closer together.

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4 Responses to Black White Sex – My Interracial Urge

  1. Bobby J says:

    Love your post!!!
    Again great job, well written and I love the realism of them!

  2. Lisbeth Ann says:

    Thanks, Bobby. I love hearing back from readers.

  3. Eric Williams says:

    Good stuff here! I am an older Black man, late 50’s…… but I do not feel ‘old’ at all. One reason is that I am in good physical shape. Have been dating white women most of my life, and not just in the USA. I do enjoy reading pieces like this, and I also know I am not alone in my own feelings and desires. KNEW that I would be lured to white women as early as age ten, so I hear you about your own early desires, Lisbeth.

    I will check in here again. Certainly glad I found this place to explore, read and learn. Again, good stuff and good food for thought.

  4. Lisbeth Ann says:

    Hi Eric, I am glad you found this site too. And its great that you have been able to have the opportunities to satisfy your desires for white women. Just because you are in your late 50’s does not mean that you are old and not attractive , even to younger white women. I have seen a lot of black men around your age who were very attractive to me. And I have taken that attraction to the next level and made myself available to them.

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