A Divorced White Woman Talks About Black Men

going-black-(28)This is an email interview with a divorced white woman named Janet, who after her divorce from her cheating white husband found satisfaction
in black men.

Here she responds to a number of questions about how and why she shares her experiences with other white women, who are curious about black men!

JD:  I am very interested in hearing all about your mentoring of these women, what you say, how you say it, their reactions, and the results.

Janet:  Like I mentioned before, almost all the women I’ve talked with have different questions so it would take me fore ever to tell you each and everyone of them..so, I’ll try and focus on the most common ones.

I not only talk to younger girls about it but I talk with all ages of white women also. I’m usually not one to actually start out with the subject. Most of the time, especially those who know I’m in an interracial relationship, I wait for them to start out with the questions about black men.

Depending on the person, I just have a way of bringing up their thoughts about black men and then it just explodes with questions when I tell them I’m involved. Not to brag about it, but I’ve personally helped 4 friends into eventually making that decision to go black..and through the internet, (something I can’t actually confirm) I’ve helped a number of them go black.

black hands on white assJD:  What are their questions mostly about? Is it the sex part, the size of black men and how they feel inside you?

Janet:  Yes, the sex is always a common question, especially about the myth about how big they have heard about black men’s cocks and if it’s true or not.. Another common question is how they can be discreet about it at first, especially family members..

That’s always a difficult question for me because of my own parents completely divorced (so to speak) me from their lives.. and yes, I have lost other friends also…but what I tell them is that, although I have lost personal friends because of me going black, I can honestly say that for everyone I’ve lost, I’ve gained at least 2-3 more.. and I feel the reason for that is because of the gain in interracial interest and many more white women going black than ever before.

JD:  I know you get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that you have turned these other white women on to black men, but I would love to know more about why you derive such satisfaction from doing so.

white wife and her black bull

Janet:  Yes, it’s very exciting for me to convert other women…but in all reality JD, by the time most of these women who come to me personally, or also through the internet, have already had interracial thoughts and just need a little push, so to speak, or positive feedback.

Many of the married women, like I mentioned above, ask me about the risks of cheating, while others ask me how they can confront the subject to their husbands..and then there are those who have their husbands approval and looking for a safe way of finding the right black guy.

husband watches wife and black manSome of these conversations take a lot of my attention so yes, when I finally hear from them that they’ve finally did it, it’s a huge gratification to me, knowing that all my efforts were worth it.

And to be honest with you JD, out of all the women I’ve chatted with, only one has told me she didn’t enjoy it, or found that it wasn’t all what she was expected..but she was also one who didn’t find the type of guy I recommended and seemed to find the “thug” type who treated her like shit and was very dis-respectful.

Because of my track record, I’m still working on her and hopefully trying to talk her into trying it again…

JD:  It’s clear that interracial sexuality is a very powerful force, but not clear exactly why. This is what I focus on, not the trashy stuff that seems more targeted to an 18 year old, but the intense excitement and sexual passion that characterizes interracial sexuality.

white wife and her negro loverJanet:  Totally agree with you about the Interracial Sexuality being a very powerful force…probably far greater than we both realize…and I say that because of the way that so many women, once they have their first experience, all go back for more at some time in their lives.

I’ve talked with a number or women who had their first (and more) black experience while in college, and then after marrying white and maybe a child or two, the sex in the bedroom starts to slow and that’s
when the thoughts and remembering the terrific sex she experience with black guys while in college, she’s now seriously looking to get back into it…

JD:  You know Janet, I could have tons more content on my blog, but it would just be gross, trashy, porn, and not the quality that I want for my readers.

holding a big black dick

Janet:  That’s why your blog is such a great one and sure wish more of the very happy women who’ve experienced black, would contribute to the site… I think they would if there was more exposure to your site. I’ll try and pass the word…lol

JD:  Well Janet, stories and experiences like yours are the “gold standard” for me, because they are natural and genuine. I have gotten emails from readers about what I consider the “real stuff” that other people write and share. I especially like helping couples make that decision to make interracial sexuality a part of their married sex lives. The feedback I get is overwhelmingly positive, and sometimes I forward these stories to you, because I know you enjoy them.

young white girls like black boysJanet:  Yes, you know how much I appreciate these stories..

JD:  There have been a number of young white women who have joined my groups. These girls are very hot, very pretty, and they have discovered (or at least are curious about) black men and interracial sex. Certainly when they land on my groups, they get an eyeful of hot images and hopefully like my articles on interracial sex relations.

What’s so special about these women that view your site, is that it gives them more encouragement to continue their desires for black men..and for the one’s who are curious, it gives them that “push” to change that fantasy to reality…

black loving white wifeThis phenomenon (black men and white women) exists all over the world. It’s especially popular in England, where it is estimate that 40% of white women are in interracial relationships. Personally I think that whether a white woman ends up marrying a black man or not, they should all have the chance to experience black men sexually, so as to broaden their sexual horizons, and to continue do so even after they are married!

Janet:  I wasn’t aware of England having that many women into the Interracial Relationships but I think probably includes or ethnics groups also..not just black men…but regardless, I’m assuming that
the 40% is mostly Black Men/White Women…and your last statement here is what I’d call a fantasy of my own where I’d like to see “every” white women a chance to experience Black Men sexually, at least just once in their life.

hot interracial French kiss

If that would happen, you and I both know what the results of that would be. There wouldn’t be enough black men to go around for all the ones coming back for more…lol

JD:  Actually, I think that married white women having sexual access to black men is increasing and perhaps even becoming the norm!

Janet:  I totally agree with that statement also what we don’t know is the amount of women who’ve had black cock that no-one knows about…so I’m sure the percent of women going black is much more than what you and I hear about.

kissing her negro loverJD:  Also there are what I call “black loving households” where all the females in the household are drawn to black men, with the enthusiastic blessing of the white husband. This is a situation where mom’s black boyfriend comes over and spends time (sexual and otherwise) with the mom, and it’s not hidden from the family.

Janet:  This is something we hearing more about but I haven’t personally heard from anyone who’s been in or are presently in a relationship like that…at least not YET…lol

JD:  I never cease to be amazed at the seductive power of interracial

she belongs to the black man

Janet:  Yes, and again…it seems to be even more powerful than what
both you and I realize!

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  1. Mike says:

    My wife has gone black and she has never been happier. Our marriage has improved 100% … including our sex life. I get what I need and she gets what she wants! I love knowing she is completely satisfied. Her latest black lover is a good friend of mine. Our friendship has never been better since he has been sleeping with my wife. He has turned on to many things that we never did, but do now. All I can say is get your woman to go black. She will love you more than you can imagine and it will make your marriage stronger!

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