French Interracial Delights

This gorgeous couple shows the true beauty of interracial intercourse!

The black man and his blonde haired lover show you why interracial sex is the hottest there is!

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Interracial Loving in The Old South

Interracial loving did indeed take place in the Old South. White ladies and wives of plantation owners helped themselves to black male slaves just as their husbands enjoyed sex with female slaves. History downplays the amount of interracial sexing that occurred in the pre Civil War South.

Many a white woman enjoyed the black man during this period in history, just as they do today!

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My First Negro Cock – But Not My Last!

interracial suckingMy first negro cock was something my boyfriend and I had discussed at length, and fantasized over, but we always seem to put off doing it. Somehow though, I knew that one day it would really happen, one day I would experience my first black man and his African dick!

I had chatted online with a few black men, and even seen their cocks on web cam. This was exciting to me, but I had yet to make the leap to actually meeting them and experiencing what both me and my boyfriend admitted turned us on and exited us so much.

Well one day one of my chats turned into a tentative plan to meet. My boyfriend made the arrangements and set the date. Our entrance into the interracial lifestyle was about to begin. The day arrived and we checked into our hotel and prepared to meet the black stud we had selected for me. We text-ed him to let him know we were ready. He text ed back that he would be there in 20 minutes.

I immediately got butterflies in my stomach and a kind of vibration going through my body and settling in my pussy. It seemed as though my boyfriend was just as ex cited! We waited nervously for our stud to arrive.

first negro dickSoon a knock at the door signaled his arrival. We opened the door and in stepped a very dark skinned man with classic African features. A real black man who would soon be taking my interracial virginity. We engaged in some small talk, and all the while we were wondering just how to initiate the sexual play we had anticipated.

When my boyfriend had to use the bathroom, I took the opportunity to get things going and announced that I was interested in much more than just talking. The black man grinned and said he felt the same way. I asked him to undress so that I could get a look at my black stallion.

I began to undress as well. It was then that I saw what was to be my first negro cock. Even though it was only semi hard, is was enormous. I knelt down and brought my lips and tongue to his black cock, feeling it twitch and grow ever harder right in front of my eyes. Thoughts of that big black snake thrusting into my lily white vagina made me quiver.

I found myself thinking, can I really take this ebony monster in my mouth and cunt? The very idea that I might struggle with this excited me! I was so involved in the sensation of touching and tasting that African dick, that I didn’t even notice my boyfriend enter the room again.

loves black cockHe said something about us starting without him, but I was too engrossed about the thick black dick in my mouth to pay any attention. The aroma of “black cock” was wafting through my nostrils as the big round black head of his penis filled my eager mouth.

I swirled my tongue all over my first negro cock, licking the shaft and his enormous black balls. I tried to suck that penis the way I do my boyfriend’s, but the sheer size of Marcus’s dick, made for a difficult time. Marcus commented to my boyfriend that I was really good at giving head, but little did he know I could not take him all the way in like I did with my boyfriend.

My pussy was getting ever more wet as I sucked on the huge black cock in my mouth. Soon I felt Marcus lay me down on the bed, no doubt wanting to mount me. I was getting really anxious to feel my first negro cock enter my white vagina.

Then I felt his hot tongue slide into my pussy. He also slid two fingers into my dripping snatch as he began to play with me as he slurped my juices. I began to moan loudly as Marcus worked his magic on me.

eating shite pussyMy boyfriend was very aroused by the whole scene as he watch the big black man all over my naked body. My boyfriend’s plan was just to watch, but when the excitement overcame him, he undressed, took out his erect penis, and came to join us. I soon had a penis in each hand, and was literally in heaven! I sucked them both in turn, comparing the size, smell, taste, and texture of those man rods.

By this time I had enough foreplay and was ready to be thoroughly fucked by my first negro cock. I grabbed Marcus’s dick and guided the big bulbous head to my pussy lips. Marcus began to push his rod into my dripping snatch as I struggled to take his full length into my cunt.

Marcus took his time and slowly inched inside me, allowing me to get used to his massive African dick. Inch by inch I opened up and adjusted to his ebony girth until it completely filled my white vagina. I felt stuffed, stretched, and totally filled!

interracial fuckI felt hot, and my entire body vibrated with excitement. I loved the feeling of having a black cock inside me, filling me up, and stretching me out like never before. All I knew was that I wanted more of this. I didn’t ever want it to stop!

Marcus had been gentle with me thus far, but I felt a new urgency in his movements, as he picked up speed and began thrusting into me with authority. Marcus was now deeper into me than any man had ever been, and I absolutely loved it. All I knew was that I wanted to be taken by this black stud…completely!

Marcus began to moan and groan, fucking me like the black stallion he was. My hands were on his black ass, and I could feel the powerful muscles of his butt clench as he pumped into me. At that moment with my black stud furiously fucking me I truly felt like a black man’s woman, and I began to say it to Marcus so that my boyfriend could hear. It made me hotter to know that I was giving myself completely to a black man and his African dick, as my boyfriend watched.

interracial intercourseI begged Marcus to come in me and could tell by his movements that he was getting ever closer to his orgasm. Marcus grunted loudly and I felt jet after jet of hot black sperm gushing into my quivering vagina, as my own orgasm overtook me.

We both came down from that intense orgasm as Marcus pulled out of my. I felt his cum begin to run out of my vagina, and I motioned my boyfriend to put his face between my legs and clean the juices from my vagina, which he enthusiastically did.

My first negro cock was better than I could have imagined. This was only the beginning and both me and my boyfriend knew that there would be many more black studs fucking my white cunt with their big black dicks in our future.

interracial delight


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Black Fucking – Recuiting My Friend Jan

black hands white assAs you may have read in a previous post about black fucking, I have recently “gone black” and am now about 14 weeks black preggo by Rochester, one of my hubbie’s friends.  You can read more about  me and my journey into black sexing but just for a little background, I am very petite at 5 ft., about 97 pounds, a natural blonde with blue/green eyes.

Rochester is a very nice black gentleman who is very “gifted” at 10 ½ inches long and an incredible 7 ¼ inches in circumference at mid-shaft which works out to about 2 ½ inches diameter.  Rochester took me by storm the first time and although I had the normal concerns about not being able to take such a huge guy he expertly converted me in one afternoon with his gentle yet assertive approach.

Hubby loves to see his cock with the base on my cunt and the head way past my belly button.  Yes, past the belly button! If you look at the picture you will have an idea of our relative sizes.  And I’m very proud to say that all of it goes “balls deep” when we are having interracial sex.

black studIt is so thrilling!  I like to use the term “black fucking” since it is soooooo much better than normal vanilla white fucking that it deserves its own special name.  Most hubbies eventually accept that they can’t provide the attitude, size, stamina, control, contrast and enjoyment as a black boyfriend.

kissing her negroIt’s at that point that the relationship with hubby usually gets much better, based on honesty and he becomes very attentive and supportive of his wife’s sexual needs. In my own case, I love it when hubby cradles me from behind, plays with my titties,and whispers naughty things in my ear and watches intently as Rochester fucks me as seen in the photo.

One of my very best girlfriends, Janice, and I love to share confidences like most close girlfriends to.  Over lunch just a couple of weeks after Rochester had started black fucking me (we black-fucked every day for three weeks after the first session and only took a break since he had to travel on business) Jan asked me what had come over me.

This was just after I found out, much to my delight, that I was black-preggo and I told her everything.  And, just to top things off, I pulled my preggo test result out of my purse and a picture of hubby’s wonderful support, just like in the second picture.

black cock studShe was shocked but gave me a big hug telling me how happy she was for me.  She had tons of questions and just couldn’t seem to get enough information.  Now being very liberal in such matters and wanting very much to convert more white wives to the wonderful benefits of black fucking I asked her if she would like to see for herself.

beautiful black cockShe is a natural red head and I think her blush was redder than her hair!  So with a huge smile (one of my best features, I’m told) I said “Come on, tell the truth!” and she just nodded her head.  She is an anesthesiologist and as things worked out she had the next day off so we hatched a little surprise for Rochester who was going to “visit” me the next day.

I told her to come by at about 2:30PM since I knew that Rochester and I would be black fucking by then.  She rang the bell and I told Rochester that it was probably just a guy coming by to check the gas meter and I’d be right back.  I put on a very tiny baby doll top and went to the door and very quietly let Jan in.

Dropping the robe, I told her to follow me and we quietly went to the bedroom and Jan went right in.  Rochester was laying on the bed with a huge hard-on as I introduced Rochester to Jan.  Talk about funny!  I then told Jan to tell Rochester how happy she was to meet him by shaking his monster cock.  I was doubled up in laughter at the funny scene.

I told Rochester that Jan wanted to sample some of that magic black cock and asked if he would mind.   Rochester just grinned from ear-to-ear.  What guy could resist a very pretty red-head like Jan?  I told Jan to just watch for a while and got myself in missionary position so she could see the full length of his cock as we black-fucked.

interracial blow jobBut first I told Rochester to show Jan how far it was going to go by having him lay the base on my cunt with the tip well past the belly button and nearly touching my titties.  Jan just gasped.  Then as he went  into to me she said “That’s amazing and beautiful”.

Rochester slowly sawed in and out and kissed Jan and managed to get her panties and bra off so Jan was naked as a jay bird.  I had already cum a couple of times and told Jan to tickle Rochester’s balls (he always cums when I do that).  She tickled his balls with her tongue!

Rochester blew a huge cunt load into me and we all watched as this huge, thick load slowly came out.  Jan said she had no idea a guy could cum so much.  Of course in this situation Rochester was still rock hard and I asked Jan if she was up for some black cock.  She had been working her clit so much it was obvious she needed some male attention.

I told her not to worry about Rochester’s size since he is a gentleman and would make sure that she was never in discomfort.  I also told her to just lay back and Rochester would take her to heaven.  He carefully entered her, just like he did to me the first time, and had Jan rub his cock along her labia to open her up a bit and avoid anything unpleasant as he went in.

I think Jan had  her first orgasm as he started a slow fucking motion at about three inches in.  At about 7or so inches in he she tensed a bit and I asked if he was touching her cervix and she said “um hum” and he just rested there showering her mouth and titties with kisses.

sucking negro dickWhat a beautiful sight to see a very pale, shapely red head with big natural titties and nicely trimmed red cunt hair with a huge black cock well in her.  Fantastic.   It was a sensual overload for both of them and she had a huge orgasm as he flooded her cunt.

I was so cute as they orgasmed and kissed and while locked in this erotic embrace Rochester slowly went balls deep, his way being lubricated no doubt by all of the sperm he just unloaded and of course by Jan’s own lubricant!

Jan couldn’t believe it and and as he short stroked her she said “Hey big boy, you’re getting my clit and cervix at the same time.  He was also mouth kissing her and sucking  on her titties.  They both came again in about 3 or 4 minutes.

At this point we all needed a bit of a rest and we just kissed, caressed, talked, had some cold drinks and basked in the glow of some really fun sex.  And can you imagine, Rochester got another boner!  He suggested a “double black-fuck” and at this point we were all so far gone we thought why not.

big black dickJan, who is about 5’6” and 120 lbs just laid back in missionary position and since I am very tiny, I laid with my back on her supporting some of my weight on my elbows. We were both presenting our messy cunts for his inspection and use.  And I do mean messy.

suck her black manHowever, in our mental state the cum swamp mess was just a kind of added attraction! Rochester took up “the position” kneeling between us and went balls-deep into my cunt in one smooth stroke.  And then he started alternating between us since for his huge cock access to each of our cunts  wasn’t a problem.  He black fucked us both to orgasm (true!) and when he started to cum he still alternated, putting gobs of cum in both of our cunts.

Talk about being a gentleman! We completely wore Rochester out and were very pound that we could do that.  However, when we showered together (what a great way to finish off a black sexing session!) we were all kissing and touching and Rochester, just like a true cunt-hound, black fucked Jan again.

Jan, was a little surprised and said “Oh, what a nice surprise!” and as he blacked her from behind Jan and I kissed each other’s titties and played with each other’s clit.  I cupped Rochester’s balls and just held them as he went balls-deep into Jan and bathed her cunt with his lovely, thick cum (this time only what would be a normal amount for a white hubby).

Needless to say, Janice is completely hooked on interracial sex and has found a very nice black intern who fucks her regularly.  She is also sharing the “Joy of black fucking” with her nurse and MD friends and tells me that it is spreading like wildfire at her hospital.

taking black cockIn fact she told me that the head of her division had to obliquely remind them that they were all professionals and needed to be discreet and professional.  Her hubby is an older MD of about 55 and she says not very capable sexually but a truly wonderful and thoughtful guy.

She put a pic of her black fucking Rochester under the blankets for him to find and, according to her, he was delighted.  So much so that he fucked her for the first time in many months.  Jan told me that she really enjoyed the closeness and his excitement, just like Leon and I do after a black boyfriend has had me.

Jan and I like to go clubbing with black guys and have a great time teasing the white guys.  We have become so comfortable with the lifestyle that we often black fuck together on the same bed and of course the guys always want to try some “new” cunt, which we are only too happy to provide.

They especially love that I am preggo and showing a black baby bump so they have no trouble getting it up even after they have black fucked Jan a couple of times. If you haven’t tried black sexing all that I can say is that many white wives find it to be just wonderful and opens up new horizons for them and also for their hubbies.

spread for black dickIf you already are being black sexed I think that it is a good idea to share with your girlfriends how enriching and exciting “going black” can be with your girlfriends.  The naughtiness, the great sex, the closer bonding with hubby as well as combating racism have brought lots of white wives a lot of happiness.  And it has brought me the prospect of a black baby!

If you decide that this is for you I would like to wish you all the best.  Just remember to include hubby in this adventure.  All of my “gone black” married friends have done this with what they tell me are very positive results for their marriage and relationship with their hubbies. And, very seriously, can you think of a better way to combat racism?

If you haven’t tried black sexing, it is very validating to realize that many white wives and couples love the lifestyle as is so well documented in this blog.  Most find IR sexing to be just wonderful, opening up new horizons for both wives and hubbies. Take a look at the messages to white women and couples in this blog which are so very true and supportive.

a black man's slutIf you already are into black fucking, then sharing your experiences with your girlfriends can be very rewarding.  The knowledge you are helping others find intense enjoyment is for most wives, very rewarding.   The naughtiness, the great sex, the closer bonding with hubby as well as combating racism have brought lots of us white wives great satisfaction.  And it has brought me the prospect of a black baby!

Proudly black preggo,


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Snowflake and Her Bull

This beautiful white “snowflake” enjoys her big black bull in this wonderful video clip!

To lovers of the interracial lifestyle there is nothing sexier than a white woman enjoying her black man
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Black Sexing – A White Wife’s Perspective

Betty and Rochester

I would like to share my experiences in black sexing with ladies on this site who might be interested in going beyond curiosity.  First let me give a little background about me and our situation.  I’ve just turned 30 and Leon (hubby) had a great true surprise party for me with friends, fancy restaurant, gifts which took my mind off of getting old (just kidding).

Physically I am very petite at 5 ft and weigh about 97 pounds.  I’m a natural blonde and have eyes that seem to be blue or green depending on what I am wearing.  Most guys are interested in “measurements” and I’m 33 23 33.   Leon and I  met in college where I was a cheerleader and majored in French since that is our family background.

As a cheerleader I met lots of nice black guys many of whom wanted to date me.  I was brought up in a very liberal home and did actually date a few.  However, nothing much more happened than one or two of them feeling my titties and a bit of kissing.

I really wanted a white bread family life and Leon, who majored in finance and is really very good looking and quite buff, seemed like a dream come true.  We were engaged in our senior year and of course had intercourse pretty often.  Although I am a small girl I have a big appetite for sex and Leon had no problem meeting those needs.

cuckold coupleI had sex with a couple of boyfriends in HS and by comparison Leon seemed enormous to me.  Turns out he’s a little above average at 8+ inches and very thick which as we gals know is very, very nice.  We both got good jobs (me as a travel agent specializing in France and him with a major investment firm) and after getting established, were married about a year later.

We have been married for seven years. While sex was very good, the initial intensity had diminished and we were down to about 3 times a week which left me wanting a bit more especially since Leon is a very attentive and creative lover.

We started watching IR videos to spice things up a bit and I was just amazed how erotic black guys and white women looked and I was also shocked how even relatively small gals could take guys whom I thought at first must somehow be fake.

However, it was obvious that when they climaxed there was nothing fake about that and it was equally obvious that the ladies (mostly amateur) were loving it.  Leon could tell that I was interested and he also mentioned how much fun those white wives must be having.

He also showed me this web site and then left me alone to surf it.  I loved the articles on black sexing and gradually came to feel that it might be fun to try.  One time we were watching an IR video while fucking (I hope you don’t find explicit language offensive but this isn’t a 7th grade health class after all)  and I asked Leon if he would mind me fucking a black gentleman “just once”.

He assured me that he was 100% OK with it and we talked bout it occasionally.  He was always very supportive of my interest and “sexual development” as he put it.   I also started to look at some amateur IR on the web and have to admit that it was very stimulating.  You gals know what I mean, I’m sure.

nice black cockA few months ago one of Leon’s golfing buddies, Rochester, came by one afternoon.  He thought that he and Leon had a golf date but somehow Leon forgot about it.  At least that’s what Leon now says but I’m not so sure!

Anyway, I asked Rochester to come in for some lemon aide that I had made and we were heading out to the back porch to drink it and relax but had to go through my little home office to get there.  I forgot that I had been on a site with very erotic IR porn and a beautiful picture of a good looking couple fucking filled the screen.

I was just mortified and blushing like crazy. Rochester made no pretense of not noticing and stopped at the screen with a big smile and looked at me saying “This is great stuff” and he just continued to scroll though the images stopping at the ones he liked, making comments to me and laughing at my total embarrassment.

I had set the tray of drinks down and went to the computer to turn it off when he simply embraced me and gave me a big, sloppy open mouth kiss.  I could feel his cock getting hard almost between my boobs and the whole thing was just too much for me and I’m afraid I responded to his kiss.

That was all he needed and he gave me another kiss and  as I was wearing shorts he just slid his had down the front and into my panties and gently played with my cunt (again hope you don’t object to explicit language), paying lots of attention to my clit.  I was on fire at this point.

interracial hand jobHe stepped back and undressed me completely so I was standing there, completely naked being felt up, being kissed and having my nipples sucked, nibbled on and licked.  Could any woman be immune to such expert attention?  At that point I just wanted him burrowing deep into my little cunt.

Oh, by the way, he loved how I was completely shaved smooth “down there”.  He lifted me into his arms and carried me to the bedroom where he gently laid me on the bed.  He had pitched a huge tent in his pants and I just had to see what was causing this and mentioned to him that he might be more comfortable if it came out for air.

With that I unzipped him and at that point a black monster was staring me in the face.  I couldn’t imagine ever taking much of that up my little cunt so I just kissed and licked the head kind of hoping that if I gave him a blow job he wouldn’t try to fuck me.

I was, of course, extremely wet but also extremely hesitant to go to the next level.  He kind of repositioned himself and we got into a nice 69 with his tongue doing a tango on my clit.  I came about five times.

He next got in missionary position and I told him that I didn’t think it would be possible to actually fuck at which he just smiled and asked if we had some lube.  Fortunately we had some Astroglide and I was only too happy to give it to him since it was obvious that he was going to try to do what I thought was the impossible.

He spread it all around my cunt lips and on his massive cock and had me guide him so that the head was right against my pussy. He told me to slide the cock-head up and down my cunt lips so that the labia were open and he pushed very gently so that the head was about half was in.

I should say that he has some of the most beautiful equipment I have ever seen: straight, very hard, purple head slightly larger than the shaft and huge balls.  He was simply amazing and very patient.  He began a slow fucking motion and didn’t force anything.

After about 20 minutes I could take him about 5 inches deep and felt really stretched out.  He just kept kissing me, sucking my titties and slowly fucking me and actually got to touching my cervix with a couple of inches still remaining.

interracial fuckingI had lost all apprehension at this point and was watching intently as he worked this  monster into me.  Ladies, you know what it looks like from this perspective and I assure you that unless you have already gone black, there is nothing like the sight of a huge black cock slowly entering you more on each stroke.

Since Leon is about 8 inches and can  just touch my cervix I knew he was 8+ inches in with 2 more to go!  I was in sex heaven.  At this point Rochester just kept stroking me and I had him in a leg wrap with my heels on his ass pulling him in on the “in stroke”.

I also initiated a lot of open mouth kissing and since I have long arms I reached under to tickle his huge balls which apparently drove him nuts.  They started to tighten up as he grunted and just kept his wonderful cock in contact with my cervix.

He came a ton and just kind of rested in me for about 3 minutes without ever losing his hard-on.  Of course that was a tremendous boost for my ego!  He pulled out and we both watched as his very thick sperm just oozed out.  I told him to just lay back and relax which he did but it was so funny seeing that giant pole sticking straight up.

I blew on it, tickled it with my fingers, gave it little peck kisses just to tease it.  Finally, I just threw one leg over him, grabbed the base of his cock with my left hand and guided him back in.  I wanted to do something special for him and was determined to take him “balls deep” as the jargon goes.

I slid down to where he was touching my cervix and just made little bounces on his cock and put more pressure on with each “bounce”.  Finally I just seemed to completely relax and took him balls deep and he excitedly “It’s all in!”.

I just can’t describe the wonderful feeling of being stuffed so completely and of being stretched out so that nerves I never knew I had were being stimulated.  I think that I was in a virtually continual orgasmic state and had never had anything like it or even close to it before.

I rubbed my boobs on R, mouth kissed him and slowly and very sensually slid up and down, adjusting my motions to his moans.  He seemed to stiffen even more with the head expanding and I slid completely down on him, kept him deep in me and gently flexed my cunt muscles (very gently, not squeezing hard at all).

IR blow jobHe exploded again as we French kissed and I swear I could feel it.  This time he did get semi-hard and slid out after about two minutes.   After all of this I can only describe my poor little cunt as a complete cum swamp.

I got a bit curious as to how much I was taking and playfully licked, kissed and sucked his beautiful tool to full hardness again and this time got out of bed and got my tape measure from my sewing kit (I love to sew my own shorts and shirts) and yup I measured him.

He is 10 ½ inches long measured along the top of his cock and an incredible 7 ¼ inches in circumference at mid-shaft.  If I remember my math, this would make him about 2 ½ inches in diameter! I was so messy I wasn’t sure if he really wanted to fuck again so I just flat out asked him.

The answer was a resounding “For sure!” and I got on the bed on all fours since I heard black guys like doggie.  I just smiled over my shoulder and said “Get back to work, big boy” and he loved that kind of playful teasing.

This time he went balls deep from the start, reached around and played with my clit while fucking me, grabbed both titties in his other huge hand and I turned my head as we kissed.  I think he was so turned on that he was trying to shove that cock out my throat.

He gave me another massive cuntload (I invented a new word!) of lovely thick sperm and we just collapsed.  At about 4:45 he got up to leave and hubby was due home at 5 so I just slipped my shirt (no bra), panties and shorts back on and went running up to his car when he got home.

interracial suckI told him all about it and he was very supportive and loving.  Just to tease him a little, when we got inside I just smiled, took his hand and slipped it inside my panties.  The look on his face was priceless as he exclaimed “You went bareback!”.

And it struck me-I was near my fertile time.  However, I was so sperm-soaked that there was no way I could do anything now.  Still, Leon continued to be very supportive.  I just couldn’t stop sharing with him how wonderful it was and he told me to indulge all I wanted.

I was Rochester’s first white woman and he was my first “nigga” so with Leon’s knowledge and blessing we fucked every  day (yes, every day!) for two weeks.  I was wondering if I was pregnant and took a test showing I was.

I was elated and so too was Leon. Rochester was real happy too and while we fucked all the time (I know the neighbors tongues were waggling but I didn’t care, the sex was so great) he was very solicitous and extra careful.  What a gentleman!

Of course we have invited Leon to be part of it and he has even been nice enough to take videos of us which we all enjoy watching and critiquing for fun.  Leon and I have even fucked to those videos which is a real fun thing to do.

Rochester is so nice and loves white cunt so much that I have shared him with two girlfriends (both on the pill) and everyone is thrilled.  I am now showing a baby bump very obviously and we are all thrilled at the prospect of a black baby.

black man's babyOne thing I wanted all of you ladies to know is that even though a huge guy might seem to be an impossibility, even a small girl like me, with a caring and careful partner, can take the largest of black guys.

If we think about it, it’s not too surprising since after all, we do have babies and no cock, even the most massive one, is bigger than a baby.  I have learned that my hubby is very supportive and even more in love with me and I have also learned that black sexing is just out of this world.

I don’t want to tell anyone what they should do, but ladies, if you do get to the point of taking on a black guy you will love it.  Just be sure that he is a gentleman, free of disease, well-endowed (it’s important, believe me) and discreet.  I also think that including hubby early on is a good idea.

You might be surprised at how much hubby enjoys seeing your sexuality in full blossom.  The hurdle for hubby is to admit he can’t do the same thing for you sexually that a black guy with a huge penis can but once it accepts the obvious, your relationship will probably strengthen.

Also, and let’s be honest, videos and photos are a wonderful way to relive and even enhance the experience so by all means, involve hubby early on and let me know how much you appreciate his help and support.  After Rochester has had me, I make myself completely available to Leon.

He has come very, very close to doing clean-up but so far it hasn’t happened.  I’m sure it will, but all in good time.  I also tell him how “nice” it is to have a fun, relaxing fuck after the intensity of IR with Rochester.

Pregnancy is another issue.  Of course you can take birth control pills or use other means to avoid pregnancy but realize that no method is 100% reliable.  Also, if you use condoms  and then go bareback your man will never go back to condoms so realize you will be barebacked and it might happen.

I don’t like abortion and I know very few women who would do this so in most cases pregnancy does mean a black baby.  In my case, my parents are very liberal and I have already told them the baby will be black and have even introduced them to Rochester at a family picnic.

My dad congratulated both of us and said he’s looking forward to a grandson to take fishing.  Mom said it is a wonderful way to combat racism and with a naughty smile and gentle poke in the ribs, said “By the looks of Rochester, you must have had a great time making that baby” and she then hugged me.

Of course both of my parents are very liberal.  Similarly Leon’s parents are accepting and supportive if not as enthusiastic as my parents.  So family isn’t going to be a problem for us but I do understand that some of you may enjoy black-fucking but a black baby would be a problem.

black fuckedI hope that I haven’t bored you with this story of my venture into black sexing but did want to give you the perspective of a typical white married woman and how wonderful IR sex can be.  I hope I have been helpful and would appreciate your comments or questions.

Betty (a new huge fan of IR sexing!)

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Getting Your Wife to Go Black

go black

The how of getting your wife to go black is something I have been asked so many times I’ve lost count! I don’t consider myself an expert by any means but I have helped advise a dozen or so couples that have successfully entered the interracial lifestyle, so I at least have some success with this.

Before I start, let me say that this is MY opinion, and MY “take” if you will on this lifestyle. It is not the only way, just the way that makes the most sense to me, and I hope that as I explain the philosophy to you, it will make sense to you also.

Keep in mind that people enter this lifestyle with all kinds of fantasies and ideas on how they want things to play out. The wimpy husband who is humiliated by his wife and her black lover seems to be a popular fantasy with many couples, but that’s not the kind of approach I advocate or teach.

interracial delightThe approach I favor is one where husband and wife enter the lifestyle in a spirit of shared adventure, honesty, and trust in on another. The lifestyle is a gift they give each other, which should deepen their bond as they go along. How can this be you say? Again, it hinges on the couple having a strong relationship and being honest with each other.

Let’s agree that the interracial lifestyle, and by that I mean white wives or girlfriends sleeping with black men with their partner’s permission and support, is gaining ground at an energetic pace in out society, and in fact much of the western world.

This is due to the tremendous taboo of white women being sexual with black men, and the tremendous excitement this taboo creates when white women and black men meet sexually. The lifestyle is growing like wildfire and more and more people are discovering it every day.

Here is what I think you should do, and how you should approach it.

white wife and negro loverFirst, be honest with your partner and yourself. Lying creates problems because it destroys trust. Honesty works because it creates trust. See the difference? Communication is especially important to women. So guys, don’t be afraid to communicate with your woman. She values honesty and will increase your chances of convincing her to try an IR experience.

The porn you watch together can of course include interracial DVD’s with a plot where the wife tries sex with a black man. This will not be lost on her. She WILL understand what you are hinting at and know that this is what you want her to do.

You characterization of these acts needs to be positive and respectful. Don’t talk about the women in these scenarios as whores or sluts, but rather as beautiful women who are just expressing their sexuality in a somewhat different way. Women are sensitive about how their significant others view them so can the trash talk for now.

When you talk to her about the interracial experience, emphasize the beauty and excitement that you know she will experience. Let this be your “gift” to her, that you will encourage and support her as she takes this bold step into a new lifestyle.

supportive husbandTell her that you view her sexual nature as beautiful and that you want her to reach the fullest expression of her sexuality with a black man. You will be by her side as she does so, and this adventure will be one which the both of you will share and bond over.

You will have to find a quality black gentleman, one who will treat you both with respect and who will be a strong confident sexual partner, but will respect both your limitations and handle your wife with care. As the husband you should always take the lead, and she will follow. She will trust you to make the arrangements and ensure that she is comfortable with the situation and able to fully enjoy the encounter.

Don’t overlook black men who are not drop dead handsome or have the perfect body. There are lots of quality men out there who would make great sex partners for your Mrs., so don’t sell them short. Of course the one requirement should be that they are at least somewhat “well endowed,” so that her first interracial intercourse is memorable, one that she will want to repeat!

interracial experienceWhen getting your wife to go black, the aftermath of that critical first experience, is your chance to show her that you love and care for her.

She may have a bit of guilt when the glow of her first interracial experience wears off, so be sure to praise her, tell her how beautiful and sexy she was, and how much you love her.

This will end her first interracial experience on a very positive note, knowing that she has your full support, and make her eager for more!

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Interracial Pinch Hitter

lovely skin contrastI’m a white guy who sees the erotic side of white girls getting it rough from black guys. I like the thought of you cumming at the thought of doing her. I encouraged a couple of old girlfriends into doing this, with mixed results. love to write and exchange erotic IMs and e-mail with black guys who’d like to nail another guy’s wife or girlfriend.

I’m looking for regular role play partners who like this sort of thing. Not much is off limits. Here is a story I wrote and posted some years ago to give you an idea of what kind of things I think are erotic.

“The Pinch Hitter…”

My name is James Chamberlain. I met Cathy when she was a cheerleader at a college football game. I had just finish my professional training and was about to start out as a  psychiatrist. Cathy was gorgeous. I guess I’d describe her as a California blonde with blue eyes, firm, taught breasts, long tan legs and a round, muscular ass to kill for.

In retrospect I guess I may have thought of her as the perfect “trophy bride”. I guess maybe she thought of me as the perfect “soon to be rich” husband. Within a year we were married.

Within a couple of years are marriage was headed down hill. Cathy seemed still set in her prissy little college ways. Smoking pot was a nightly routine for her. Cathy always had to have her way – she was so selfish. Our biggest problem, however was that we just weren’t compatible in bed. Cathy’s idea of “good sex” was that she just lay back and I pleasured her.

interracial blowjobShe would just receive. She moaned, orgasm-ed and all but she never would do anything her self. She’d always just lay there and wait for me to do everything. I tried everything: sex toys, handcuffs, blindfolds, gags, movies, and she liked them all, but nothing worked.

In the bed she loved to come, but otherwise she was a bump on a log. Soon I dreaded climbing into bed with this selfish, prissy woman. Why couldn’t she climb on top? Just once? Go down on me once? Or do any of the other things that other woman had always done? I began to resent her.

Every night she’d head into our bedroom alone. She’d smoke pot for an hour or so then fall asleep. I would surf the internet and kill time until I knew she was sleeping, and then I’d go to bed.

One night while surfing the net I found a site about cuckolding. I had never heard such an exciting subject. I pictured my hot blonde wife getting fucked by some stud. Man, it was distracting. I found myself preoccupied, thinking about her cuckolding me.

Finally I told Cathy about what had begun to be a huge fantasy for me. Her response was not what I had hoped for, “It figures. You pervert. No wonder we never have sex anymore. Maybe you should start seeing a shrink instead of being one.” I tried to tell her it was only a joke but she wouldn’t believe me.

It took me months to get her to forget it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t forget it. The thought of watching Cathy and some other guy…well, it began to distract me all the time.

big black bullJerome was a new patient. He had just been placed on parole for a rape and one of his conditions was to come to me for psychiatric treatment. I’ll never forget the first time I met him. He was big and very muscular. The guy was 6’2″, around 225lbs. I treated him for four sessions when we talked about his criminal background.

I sensed he really wasn’t a rapist. Sure he’d gone to prison three or four times before, but that was for theft. Jerome had grown up a poor black kid in a terrible neighborhood. he just seemed like a nice, gentle guy. It turned out I was right.

Jerome explained he had gotten involved with his bosses white wife. Soon he’d go there every day. She’d beg him to have sex with her. One day the boss walked in on them. She soon was claiming it was rape.

loving black dickJerome went away for four years on a plea agreement. “The worst part is that I was having sex with this beautiful white babe every day. I’d never had sex with a white girl. It was great. Now, after all this, I’m afraid.

There’s no way I’ll be able to have sex with a white girl again” he said. The big guy looked like he was about to cry. “Do you know how that feels?” he asked. It was then that I made my first mistake.

Never let a patient into your personal life, especially a parolee. I blew it. “Let’s go out for a beer, Jerome”. Off we went. I told him everything about Cathy and I he listened patiently. We gave each other advice. Then I had an idea.

I gave Jerome my address. “Don’t come over until 10:00 and don’t come in until you hear the stereo turn up.” I told Jerome. Smiling a big toothy grin, he laughed and said “O.K. Doc!”

licking black cockI arrived home, ate, and cracked a beer. I waited for Cathy to go to our room and get high. Around 9:30, I went in. “Sweetie, I read an interesting article on the internet. It says if we use the handcuffs, blindfold and gag together, it feels great for the woman – I guess the anticipation makes the guy’s cock feel much bigger.

Want to try it?” She looked at me threw her stoned eyes and smiled “You horn-dog. Looking at that on the internet, huh? OK, I’m game.” Cathy knelt on all fours. I handcuffed Cathy’s wrists to the headboard.

Next I put the ball gag in her mouth and tied it securely. Finally, I Put on the blind fold on. “I should lubricate you first” I teased. Climbing behind Cathy I sloppily licked her cunt. Soon she moaned softly. “I’ll turn on some music” I offered.

playing with black dickI shuffled around trying to by time. Then, just as we spoke, Jerome crept around the corner. Staying at the foot of our bed I continued to talk while Jerome climbed behind Cathy. “O.K. Cathy, this is gonna feel great.”

Jerome pulled out his huge black cock as knelt behind my wife. Suddenly I had second thoughts. The thing looked monstrous. Jerome’s big black dick was a full 11″ long. It was as thick as my lower arm.

His purple helmet tip was the thickest part. I wanted to stop him so I tapped his shoulder. Jerome looked at me and smiled. What could I do now? Gently, he nuzzled Cathy’s cunt-lips with his cock. “Mmmmmm” she moaned, muffled by her gag.

I continued to talk to her. With thrust he pushed his swollen mushroom tip into her dripping cunt. Cathy yelped. “I’ll go slow, honey” I said, trying to both put her at ease and prevent Jerome from tearing her apart.

big black dickSlowly Jerome eased his giant black cock in and out of Cathy’s cunt. Her once pretty little cunt lips now stretched comically to accommodate Jerome’s penis. To adjust to the girth of his cock, Cathy pushed her knees further apart.

Jerome used the opportunity to work his mammoth member in steadily deeper into my wife’s pussy. Driven into a frenzy of passion, Cathy panted rhythmically. She delighted in pleasure she had previously never known.

Soon she barked through her gag “Harder! give it to me! Make me come!” Jerome stuffed his black dick all the way in. Cathy’s mouth opened all the way, panting through her wide-open mouth, droplets of stringy drool oozed out of her mouth to the pillow.

She howled in ecstasy. My wife’s pussy glistened with juices. Her hole was now stretched out so much that it now accommodated this convicted felon’s entire massive penis. His cock repeatedly slammed her cervix. “I’m coming” Cathy squealed.

wife strips for her black loverGrabbing her by her hips, Jerome’s ground his black dick into Cathy. Soon stream after stream of his semen flooded her womb. Jerome grunted and grunted for a full minute as he discharged load after load of his seed deep into my wife.

I could take it no more. Standing at the foot of my bed, watching this hulking stud fucking my wife was too much. I reached down into my pants and stroked my self furiously. In seconds I came as well.

Jerome pulled his meat out of Cathy with a plop. He quickly climbed off the bed, gave me the “thumbs up” and snuck off. As I climbed back into the bed I saw Cathy’s pussy. Her hole gaped open.

Her cunt-lips were grotesquely stretched and misshapen. I uncuffed her hands from the headboard, and untied her gag and blindfold. “God James, you were so right!” Cathy cooed as she snuggled up to me.

riding her bull“That felt so unbelievable! Let’s do it just like that, every night, from now on, O.K.?” she asked. “Uh, sure baby.” I replied. We fell asleep in each others arms for the first time in months.

A few hours later that night I awoke. I thought I was having a wet dream. Cathy was under the covers. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock. She had never gone down on me. It felt fantastic.

I lost control and came in seconds. “God you had such great control last night, what happened?” “Oh, you surprised me” I offered. I held her close and started to fall asleep.

“Baby?” Cathy said. “What?” I asked. Suddenly she jumped on top of me and crouched over my face. Giggling with playfulness my view became obscured by her cunt as she squatted over me.

black man's woman“My turn!” she chuckled. When we first dated I loved going down on Cathy. For the first time in a long time, I wanted to again. I pulled her hips down as she sat onto my face. It was always so sexy as I stared up at this beautiful blonde as she rocked her pussy into my mouth.

Soon her stomach muscles tightened at her upcoming orgasm. She concentrated. What was that strange taste? Why does her cunt feel so floppy and loose? Cathy’s muscles contracted with her first wave of orgasm.

Suddenly my mouth flooded with a gooey, slippery substance. Glob after glob gushed onto my mouth from deep inside her. Then I remembered. At first I stopped licking and gagged. “What’s wrong? Jimmie?” Cathy asked in a sweet, concerned voice.

I thought about the previous night. How things had changed. “Nothing” I replied. I dug my tongue hungrily deep into Cathy’s cunt.  It was great. Day after day, week after week, month after month, Jerome “pinch hit” for me. Cathy had never before been so affectionate or devoted.

fucked by her negro loverThe few times I tried to make love to her she stopped and asked “what’s bothering you, sweetie?” Her cunt lips and vagina were now permanently stretched to accommodate the gigantic, colossal black dick of Jerome. My dick could no longer stimulate her.

I still saw Jerome as his psychiatrist. After a while, just to liven things up, I prescribed him some Viagra. I told him it was a drug that only helped him relax. I never saw such frantic, energetic sex.

His cock pounded away at my wife’s vagina for hours. He would come inside her, then keep fucking her, come inside her, then keep fucking her, for hours. Cathy decided that she liked it when I ate her pussy after “we” had sex. She said it made me seem “gentle” after I screwed her so “savagely”.

Everything was great. Then one day Cathy suddenly seemed to lose interest in sex. She still was affectionate, but she wanted to just “take a break” for a few weeks. Weeks turned to months.

She seemed to be letting herself go. She didn’t wear make up. She didn’t wear sexy clothes anymore. I was very concerned, and talked her into going to see a doctor. She came home with a huge smile on her face.

Cathy ran up to me and kissed me. I asked her what was up. Then she told me. “You’re gonna be a daddy.” I had no idea what to do. Do I tell her and risk everything?

Do I let her find out when she gives birth? I didn’t sleep for months. Friends commented on how huge Cathy’s belly became. They teased her that she would have a big baby. “I wasn’t big. James is only 5″9″.

interracial pregnancyI’m just gaining too much weight.” After eight months her stomach looked ridiculously huge. While the rest of her body has petite, Jerome’s baby would be enormous.

Cathy screamed and cursed in the final minutes of 17 hours of labor. James Jr., as she insisted on naming him, was 12 lbs. When the baby came, the nurses and doctor all looked at each other. I said nothing and looked at Cathy, expecting the worst. She began to cry.

Hours later, I was ready to tell her. I walked in and said “Cath, I’m sorry but we have to talk.” She started to cry again. She looked away from me. I started “Honey, James Jr. is well..” Cathy turned toward me. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She interrupted “I’m so sorry Jimmie. I knew I should have told you. I met him a few  months ago.

His name is Jerome. When I met him he seemed to know everything about me. He could sense we were having trouble. I swear he’s my soul mate – from the first time we met he knew exactly just how to treat me. He’s the only man who could make me feel like you do. I’m so sorry Jimmie.”

The nurse brought in James Jr. He immediately chomped down on the nipples that I  had hoped would someday suckle our children. Cathy cradled him lovingly. My manhood challenged I bluffed.

“Will you promise never to see him again?” Enjoying the stimulation of her nipple, Cathy’s eyes rolled back. She sighed. “No, I won’t” My life would never be the same. Cathy found out that I asked Jerome to “pinch-hit” for me.

She told me I was “pathetic”, but it made her love Jerome even more. “How romantic, you’re just like Cyrano DeBerejerac, in love with me but I’m unattainable so you pleasure me and receive none of the credit” she said, grabbing Jerome’s face and sticking her tongue halfway down his throat.

interracial loving wifeOnce she found out she said I would never make love to her again. I sleep on the couch and get up to tend to James Jr., and Jerome now sleeps in my bed most nights. When he does he fucks her for hours. The odd part is that the rattle of my bed springs and the squeals of my wife as this convicted felon nails her still turns me on!

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Our Interracial Secret – My Wife’s Black Desires

This is the story of our interracial secret and how it all came about…

interracial cheaters A few years ago my wife and I planned a trip to Jamaica to escape the winter cold and the daily grind of work and little play. The hotel we picked was a five star resort that provided the utmost in relaxation and luxury.

This hotel had a ton of recreational activities and forms of entertainment. We also had our choice of a half dozen top notch restaurants as well. We had a beautiful and spacious condominium with an impressive view of the sea, giving us a lot of room to relax and unwind from civilization.

We shared a patio with the guests next door which wasn’t as private as we would have liked, but not really a problem. As we were getting settled in our room we noticed the drapes of the next condo were open a bit and we could see the couple in there in a sexy embrace.

sucking her black loverHe was a large and well built black man with very dark skin, while the woman was white, petite and very pale. The woman was nude and the gentleman wore only a pair of boxer shorts. My wife and I continued putting our things away all neatly arranged and showered before we headed for the beach.

We kept hearing loud moans coming from the couple next door, and it was pretty obvious that the woman was thoroughly enjoying the sexual attentions of the black man that was with her. As I showered and got ready to hit eh beach, my mind started to fill with images of what that white woman next door was experiencing.

My wife and I headed out for the beach, and as we left our room, we ran into the black gentleman next door, who was then sitting on his patio. The black man named Jerome introduced himself with a handshake and then gave my wife a friendly little hug.

ready for sexAs their bodies came together I noticed that Jerome had a good sized hard-on growing beneath his shorts. Jerome had some nice things to say about how great my wife looked in her bathing suit as his eyes completely scanned her bikini clad body.

Thinking that the woman he was just with was his wife, I asked about where she had gone. Jerome explained that in fact his wife flew back to their home to take care of a business matter. Apparently the white woman we heard him with was NOT his wife.

My own wife was a bit surprised at Jerome’s boldness toward a married woman he had just met. We excused ourselves and left to check scope out the nearby beach. As we began to walk away I glanced back at Jerome and saw him rubbing the massive erection in his shorts.

taken from behindIt was pretty evident that he was very sexually attracted to white women. Even though I know my wife was surprised at Jerome’s boldness, she said he appeared to be a naturally friendly man and that I had nothing to worry about regarding him making advances to her.

When I asked my wife if she noticed the bulge in his shorts, she claimed not to have seen it, but I know she lied, because I caught her staring at the outline of that massive erection in his pants. I knew there was no way she could have ignored it!

This was something I just could not get out of my mind, and I’m sure that my wife felt the same way. A bit later, I asked her if she could see herself in the place of the white woman we saw Jerome with earlier.
getting plowed
Of course she told me that she was very happily married and not curious about  other men. This is what she said, but I know that seeing that black man’s bulge though his shorts had affected her.  As we returned to our condo and prepared to go to supper there was no sign of Jerome, and I got the distinct impression there was some disappointment on the part of my wife.

We spent the evening eating a wonderful supper and then going out for a walk on the beach. It was a very romantic setting. No mention was made by either of us about our earlier encounter with Jerome, and being tired from a long and interesting day we went back to our room to get some sleep.

I woke up the next morning and found my wife gone. She left a not saying that she would be exercising at the hotel gym, which was typical behavior for her. I got some coffee and sat out on the patio to wait for her return.

Once again I heard moans of pleasure emanating from the condo next to us…Jerome’s condo!  I figured he was going at it with the woman we had seen him with the day before. Being somewhat curious and a bit turned on by what I had heard, I peeked through the open window and was stunned by what I saw.

fucked by her bullThere was a different woman with Jerome, dark haired, and sucking eagerly on his massive black cock. I could not see the woman’s face but there was something familiar about her body. Wearing nothing but panties, her breasts swayed back and forth as she slipped her mouth up and down the shaft of that huge Negro penis.

Jerome held on to her head as he gently inched his black dick into her mouth. She gradually managed to get over half of his massive foot long dick into her mouth. She was told to relax and Jerome slowly and firmly pushed his ebony prick into her mouth until his pubic hair brushed her nose and only his balls remained exposed.

She was gagging a little as he continued to pump his massive dick in and out of her mouth. This went on for several minutes until he suddenly grabbed her head in his large black hands and pushed deeply into her mouth as he unleashed a torrent of his pent up black sperm into her mouth and down her throat.

ebony loverThe woman swallowed as much as she could but some still leaked out of her mouth and fell onto the rug. Then I got a good look at her, and was stunned to see if was my own wife! Jerome then lifted her up and placed her on the bed.

He pulled off her panties and began to rub the head of his massive Negro cock in her now juicy pussy lips.  She practically begged Jerome to put his cock in her, and he hardly needed any encouragement as he quickly filled her cunt with his massive rock hard black dick.

I could not believe her sounds of pleasure as I heard her urging Jerome to fuck her hard and deep. I had never seen her that turned on and watched transfixed as Jerome repeatedly teased my wife with his huge dick, pulling himself all the way out and making her beg him to shove it in again.

ravaged by her black manThis hot scene went on for over twenty minutes before Jerome suddenly tensed and began spurting his seed deep into my wife’s pussy. When he withdrew she began to suck his glistening cock again and surprisingly he became rock hard again.

Jerome then picked up my wife putting her on her hands and knees as he plowed into her from behind. She just put her head into the pillow and wailed repeatedly as he picked up speed and force fed her his coal black horse dick.

I had never seen a man with such stamina, he just kept on fucking her, until finally I could not watch any more. I returned to our room and lay there listening to my wife orgasm again and again at the hands of this black man and his massive Negro cock.

thoroughly satisfiedMy wife finally came back to our room with an explanation about where she supposedly was and what she was doing, but of course I knew the truth. I felt that she must have known that I would have heard her screaming with pleasure and put two and two together, but we never spoke about the incident after the fact. It was our interracial secret!

We are planning another vacation this year, and I have a feeling we will be headed back Jamaica!

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Interracial Cuckolding The Hottest New Trend!

interracial sexualityInterracial cuckolding usually begins for white couples as a natural result of restlessness, and sexual boredom which is quite natural in a long relationship. Married couples begin to experience a bit of bedroom boredom after 8 years or so within their monogamous relationship. It does not mean that they’ve fallen out of love but over time, sex with their partner can become routine and lack the lustrous passion that once was.

Even though it’s somewhat inevitable, boredom with married sex can lead to desires for other sexual partners and result in being unfaithful, which can shatter an otherwise loving relationship. Studies show that 53% of marriages end in divorce. Of the remaining 47% approximately 34% of men cheat, and 22% of women cheat. However, as the old saying goes, couples who play together stay together.

Thus it’s really important for loving couples to work at maintaining sexual excitement and interest in each other, to strengthen their marital relationship. The simple truth is that couples who are more on the sexually adventurous side “together” tend to feel happier, closer and more secure in their relationships than those who are not. Couples confident in their marriage and relationship understand that everyone has fantasies and curiosities and discussing and sharing them is liberating and exciting for couples.

hot interracial suckingWith fantasy and erotica going mainstream, “Fifty Shades of Grey” etc. couples are opening up about desires.  The most common erotic fantasy amongst married white couples is interracial cuckolding. It’s a social phenomenon that is growing in practice and acceptance every day. This social trend is literally sweeping the country and yet is the best kept secret in America. It’s usually the wife (who is naturally curious and attracted to black men) who sets it in motion.

Often the wife will comment on a black man to her husband, expressing that a particular black athlete, actor, guy from the gym is good-looking.  However, consciously or subconsciously there is more to it. It’s no secret that black men have large penises and high sex drives. Black men have a swagger and confidence that attracts white women. Inherently black men are fascinated by white women, the soft hair and mellow attitude attracts them.

interracial cheating wifeOften to the surprise of the wife most likely the husband has had fantasies about watching her with a black man. Studies show that interracial cuckolding is the number one fantasy amongst married white men. It makes a lot of sense. Men are voyeurs by nature they like watching, hence the multi-billion a year porn industry. Black men and white women and in particular married white women make the hottest pairings.

Visually, the color contrast is universally appealing. Physically, white women tend to be tight and black men have long and thick penises, making it extremely stimulating and pleasurable for the black man and white women. Mentally, the thrill for the couple is intense. Doing something together so kinky bonds them. For the black man it’s a huge ego boost knowing his penis provides not only the women but the couple with sexual gratification.

Exploring the interracial wife sharing fantasy is great way for married couples to enhance their marriage. It brings back the excitement and rekindles the flame.  For couples just the thought of adding a black male is arousing. Couples that openly discuss their fantasies will bond deeper and achieve more satisfaction in their relationships.
interracial oral worshipTo keep things interesting couples often view the sites set up for couples. There are thousands of websites devoted to the lifestyle.  For some couple exploring online together is enough others will go as far as meeting someone out. Some couples like to pick a black man they already know. Perhaps it is a friend, acquaintance, a co-worker or the cute guy from the gym. It will take some time and some “exploration” flirtation on the woman’s part or a few hints from the husband.
hot wife manifesto

In interracial cuckolding, once a couple establishes chemistry with the black man and they feel he understands and respects their marriage, the natural attraction takes over.   It’s a huge turn on for the black man to be able to use his natural gift to spice up a couple’s relationship. Many times a long term friendship is established. Meeting a few times a year provides the couple with endless excitement and any put to rest any feelings of boredom.

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