A Night With A Big Black Man – Harris

by Diane Charles Linford

Diane Sucks BlackI have a story about my nite with a big black man named Harris to share with you. I’d been reluctant to put it into words for a while, but what the heck…you are all friends who understand.

I’d been jittery and on pins and needles for two days last week as my significant other told me on Wednesday that he’d purchased tickets to a professional wrestling match for Friday night. A friend he went to college with…”Harris” [who wrestles under a different name] was a champion collegiate wrestler and football player. He now works the pro-wrestling circuit, and he came to do an exhibition match on a professional card at Michigan State some two hours away from home.

Jake told me we’d be attending the match, hanging out with “Harris” for a late dinner, and then staying overnight in a hotel. I don’t mind telling you I never ever thought of myself as any sort of wrestling groupie, but since we managed to get a baby-sitter to take care of my kids, a night out is a night out, after all.

HarrisWhat I didn’t realize until much later was that the three of us would end up sharing the same hotel bed on Friday night–Saturday morning…so as you might guess, I didn’t sleep a wink that night. Now it turns out Harris is a Big Black Man…6 foot 4 inches and 290 pounds. Apparently he played the defensive line on the college football team. I cannot tell you how engrossing the whole experience was from a sheer size point of view. The big black man absolutely dwarfed me.

During dinner [this was well after 11:30pm when the matches ended] I was informed that we’d be sharing the hotel room…and much more. My significant other always had a healthy respect, admiration, and affection for “Harris” which pretty much meant taking a “what’s mine is yours” attitude for the whole rest of the night. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was a little.

At least, I wasn’t totally shocked. And I was gratified by Harris expressing the same attitude toward my body as my boyfriend did. The man savored every inch of my white body with his fingers, his tongue and eventually, his cock.

big black cock of HarrisMostly I remember a sexy voice [think of a gravelly Barry White deep voice]whispering in my ear as he topped my body and moved inside me. “Ohh, I had no idea your pussy would feel so smooth and fine down under me…” [I'm sure I must have moaned at that moment because I went totally wet] Soon that was followed by: “Oh shit, gal you just soaked my black cock…Hey Bro! She just went sopping wet!

I think you married a squirter!” [I went wet at those words too] “Dayum! This lady is one delicious fuck.” [He followed those words with a long grunt, a shudder, and a spray of pure liquid ecstasy–the first of what became several that night between Harris and my significant other. As you probably know the presence of more than one man seems to bring out the competitive instinct in both of these black men.

Like I said–there was no way either of them would let me alone from around midnight until seven or eight AM. Finally, much later that night, my man fell asleep for a few minutes.

Harris’s throaty deep voice murmured into my ear as we lay close together: “How many black children have you given to your men?” I answered four. “You think something special might come out of tonight’s fuck?” I shrugged my bare shoulders. “Umm…hadn’t thought about it.” He chuckled: “Well, I’ve thought about nothing else for the last couple of hours.”

Harris takes DianeNaturally, that thought made me quiver. Then I asked Harris if he was up for another shot at making a baby. Needless to say, my big black man needed very little encouragement. I dozed off afterwards totally caked with sticky fluids slowly drying everywhere at the junction of my thighs. We woke up in what seemed like minutes to me and I showered. Was I sore.

I remember the people who have indicated to me that multiple interracial partners at the same time were totally addictive. Heaven knows, they were absolutely right.

Big naked kisses to all of you out there,


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Bareback Interracial Fun!

interracial suckBareback interracial fun proved to be an unbelievably hot adventure for my wife and I.  Here is our story!

Me and Mel never use condoms, in all the years we’ve gone bareback with no problems at all. Mel knows when the times right to stop me cumming in her, her most fertile time as she puts it. Anyway, we had been out to London one weekend near Christmas and done tons of Christmas shopping.

We were stopping in a travel lodge in the center. We traipsed back into the hotel in early evening – about 6.45 PM.  We plunked ourselves down on a sofa in the bar and waited for the waiter to serve us. The waiter was a big black African guy named Winston.

He took our order and when he brought the drinks back over he talked with us and was really pleasant. as he was talking to us I notice Mel opened her legs so that he could see her pussy.  Winston played it cool but I could see by his facial expression that he could see all of Mel’s pussy.

After a couple of minutes somebody else came to the bar and rang the bell. As Winston got up to serve the guy both Mel and I notice the huge bulge in his pants. I looked at Mel and she was sitting opened mouthed.

WinstonShe turned to me and said did you see that? Bet that would feel good, I agreed. When the other guy had gone, Winston came back over and again Mel opened her legs. This went on most of the night, Mel’s inhibitions getting less and less as more wine went down.

Anyway a long story short, we ended up inviting Winston back to our room for a “nightcap”we sat around drinking more wine and then I put the porno movies on in the room. We all sat on the bed, Mel between myself and Winston.

The movie on the telly was of a photographer seducing and fucking a model he was taking pictures of.  As we watched I put my hand in Mel’s lap and started to rub her pussy, her legs opened and I started to ease her skirt up.

Winston seeing what was going on, decided to rub her breasts. In no time at all, Mel was down to her bra. She didn’t wear panties that day. I remember seeing the contrast of her white bra and the blackness of Winston’s hands on my wife’s bra clad breasts.

Mel was laying down on the bed, I got between her legs and licked her soaking wet pussy. Her clit and pussy lips were all puffed and red. Winston took out his monster black cock – it must have been 9″ or 10″ long.

Mel loves black cockI’ve never seen anything like it.  It was so erotic watching it slide in and out of Mel’s hot lips. When Winston was fully hard and ready to fuck he got up and pushed me aside. He lay between Mel’s opened legs and rubbed the head of his black cock between her ass cheeks and along her wet slit.

No you mustn’t,  I said, its Mel’s most fertile time of month you must wear a rubber. Mel looked up at me and said “Steve just for a little bit, just his cock head – I need to feel his black cock inside me to make me cum.” Our bareback interracial adventure was underway!

I was stunned by what she said “Winston will be careful, just for a little while baby” Mel’s pleas dropped away into a sigh as I knew it was too late. Winston fed his cock head into Mel, her eyes rolled and she grabbed a hold of his ass cheeks to force him deeper into her fiery fuck hole.

Mel's negro loverWithin seconds Winston’s full length was buried into my wife unprotected cunt, and the feelings in me were of lust and anger. This didn’t stop me from getting my cock out though and started to wank it as I watched Winston’s black ass pound up and down on top of my wife.

I’ve never heard to this day Mel’s pussy as wet and heard her have as many orgasms as she did with his monster cock. They fucked solid for about an hour, Winston had my wife in every position possible.  His black cock looked good buried deep inside Mel’s pussy.

Winston said “I’m gonna cum, were do you want me to shoot it” Those words rang in my ear, there was an awkward pause for a couple of seconds but seamed like time had stopped. “In her” I said, “cum inside her pussy, fill her up” Winston smiled and proceeded to pump Mel’s pussy harder.

big black cockMel started to orgasm, oh yeah baby, fuck me fill me with your hot cum. I don’t know weather it was the risk of Mel getting pregnant, or that i had not cum yet, but it felt as though I was going to pass out as my cum exploded from my cock and shot across the room.

Winston’s ass cheeks tightened and then he grunted out loudly as his hot virile cum flooded my wife unprotected pussy. as his cum filled Mel’s pussy she had what seamed like her twentieth  orgasm.

When Winston got up I seen for the first time what his cock had done to my wife pussy. It was stretched to the limits, wide open and the cum had just started to appear. I got between her legs and sucked and lick all of Winston’s hot cum into my mouth, there was mountains of it.

It filled my mouth so much I had to swallow it but still more came out. The next day, the extent of what we had done dawned on us and we spent a cold Sunday morning searching around looking for somewhere to get the morning after pill for Mel.

interracial delightThe excitement AND danger of our bareback interracial fun was most apparent for us. We didn’t find the “morning after pill’ anywhere and spent the next month waiting anxiously to see if Mel became pregnant or not. We were lucky this time and swore never to do that again…but that’s another story!

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My First Interracial Intercourse – Sandy’s Story

interracial intercourseThis is the story of my first interracial intercourse and how it came about. Please excuse my rough writing style, as I am not an experienced writer. I AM an experienced interracial sex lover at this point and the story will explain how I got my start.

When I was much younger I was beginning to think that having an orgasm was just a bunch of lies, I had intercourse only 5 or 6 times and never sucked a cock before and always had protected sex and only been with white men.

riding her black stallionWhen I was 18 years old I had gone to a few parties and made friends with a black football player that was always there, one night at a party he asked me out for a date and we began to start dating,on our 2nd date we went to his house to have a few drinks after being at a party, and we began to start making out.

Well our clothes slowly began to come off as we were getting deeper into making out, about the time he pulled of my panties he asked me if I ever had sex with 2 men? and I being without much experience said no and only had sex a few times and it didn’t feel all that great the first few times I did it!

BBC AdventureHe then asked me if his football team mate could join us as he was in the other room, I said yes why not! It would be fun to have 2 men playing with me! well he yelled to his friend in the other room to come in and told him I was game for both of the them!

It didn’t take long for them to have me wetter than I had ever been and desperately wanting to be fucked by both of them, James , the one that I was dating began to spread my legs and began to rub the head of his dick on my pussy lips!

It felt so wonderful and I didn’t want to ask him to use a rubber I just wanted cock, skin to skin, in me and deep as he could get it! his friend was in control of the upper part of my body, playing with my tits and kissing me and telling me how beautiful he thought I was, what we all lacked in experience we made up for with enthusiasm and it was heaven!!!

black fuckedJames began to put his dick in me slowly and only a little, too damn slow for me I wanted it and I wanted it deep and I remember begging him to put it all the way in, his friend had a surprise for me! He brought his head down to my crotch and James dick and was trying to lick my pussy but didn’t have room to get his face in there.

Then he took my pillow from behind my head and put it under the small of my back and when he did he put his knees alone side of my head and it pinned my head down because I had very long hair, his dick was hanging just above my face and tried to lick me again, he got much closer and I could feel his tongue on my clit, it felt so good and so intense.

I began to arch my back to get his lips closer and when I did James dick went deeper into me and I got sooo wet and so horny I remember wanting to get pregnant, I didn’t care as long as I was getting fucked, I began to hump like an animal in heat, I was in a blind fever, a tongue on my clit and a cock inside of me, it was like heaven!

black man's toyI remember when everything exploded is when I took his friends cock into my mouth I didn’t know a thing about sucking a cock it was my first, all I knew was what I had heard,,, keep your teeth out of it and keep your head moving.

I couldn’t move my head at all he had me pinned down with his knees so I began to suck on it and suck on it and he began to move it in and out of my mouth like he was fucking my face like James fucking my cunt, it was all to wonderful, I wanted to be filled with cum, it was like we were all connected together.

I remember his friend moaning first and I was thinking that he was beginning to cum and when I thought that I felt a wetness in my cunt that I never felt before,,, I was beginning to cum for the first time ever, my body became electric.

black and white joyI was never so aware of my body in my life I could feel everything and it all felt like surges, moment upon moment of ecstasy and lasted sooo long I knew James was cumming as well.

I could feel it filling me and I could feel his friend sperm in my mouth and how wonderful it was to swallow,,, we had all cum at the same time it was unbelievable, we all fell in a heap of flesh with me in the middle and them on each side, all of us breathing heavy and in a sweat.

This first interracial intercourse was a very special time for me it was the first time I had cum and the first time I had sperm in me and the first time with a Black man and the first time sucking a cock to say nothing of 2 men at the same time. This may not be the most erotic time that I have had, but it was my first orgasm.


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A White Wife’s Interacial Joy!

A wife’s interracial joy is the joy of her husband as well! The sights, and sounds of her interracial adultery are music to a cuckold husband’s ears! There is no other experience that will bring this level of sexual fulfillment to your sweet little Mrs.


To all those white husband’s out there that have never experienced the pleasure of seeing their wives fully satisfied by a strong, sexually potent black man, you don’t know what you are missing!

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The Sweetness of Interracial Pregnancy

Sweet Interracial PregnancyI am thinking about a black and white picture of an interracial couple where he is kissing her pregnant belly

I remember it was about two years back when my own significant other who is black and I were walking through a strip mall on our way to lunch.

We had just come from the doctor’s office and learned that the sex of our baby would be a girl. I think we were flying pretty high that noon and I felt especially excited over the news.

On our walk we passed a tanning emporium like some many people like to use to turn their skin red before they go down to sun country to tan.

So as we passed this place my guy asked me if I’d ever used one of these tanning booths. I said no, I burn too easily. Then he laughed and patted me possessively on the tummy.  “Well, this little lady won’t be using one either. She already has a very natural tan.”

That was the moment it really hit–really smacked me in the face–that my little baby would be biracial: part him, part me–part black, part white–a real mixture of the two of us.

I mean,  I knew it intellectually, but that was the first time it hit my gut as to what to expect. Of course, now I wouldn’t have her any other way. I look at my daughter’s face and see his eye color and my cheeks and so forth. She is our pride and joy so I see something of
both parents in her features.


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I Really Enjoy Fucking My Black Husband!

Fucking My Black DaddyI wanted to tell all of you just how much I enjoy fucking my black husband!

Okay, yesterday was the Sunday before American Thanksgiving. I realize that British and Canadian Thanksgivings are on different dates, but Sunday always means a significant excitement for most long term couples.

My Jake woke me up early and promptly introduced some strong, elongated spice directly into my accommodating body yesterday morning.

When I was a little girl growing up in a primarily all white town, I never ever thought I would be going out on a date with someone like Jake–let alone marry a black man. But who can predict all the turns her life will take.

The fact is I really really enjoy fucking my husband and I’m glad I’ve given him two biracial children. That is something I could never have conceived as a teenager where I grew up.

I’ve been on the phone with a dear friend who is also married to a black man and she told me that her husband insisted upon an intimate Sunday celebration as well.

Fucking My Black HusbandYou have to love coincidences.

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Weekend With My Black Husband!

My African LoverHello everyone. I am a thirty-something office worker married to a younger black man.  My black husband and I have two children.

It’s Saturday and early this morning I sniffed and tasted and touched the tip of my tongue to my husband’s glorious penis–culminating in a long serious attempt at coercing him to cum inside my mouth. As you can guess, I succeeded.

Then we made love…just another married couple together for a long weekend grasping for great sex. I love Jake’s body. That’s a given–just like solid geometry. His cylinder intersects the vertex of the angle of my thighs and we can compute happiness from there.

Jake’s a young black man, which means he’s a strong and potent man. Usually I have to clean up a magnificent mess of semen whenever he climaxes. And that doesn’t even include the cache he’s left behind deep inside my loins. It’s no wonder I’ve given my lover two biracial children. He’s like a wonderful addiction–and I’m married to him!

I couldn’t ask for more than that! Those of you who are members of my Yahoo site know what my body looks like. Let me tell you, as far as I’m concerned, I’m the lucky one. You should see Jake’s body. All of it!

Take care,

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How I Met My Black Husband

My Black HusbandHi All! I’ve been a lurking member of this group for a few months and I think it’s time to let you all in a little special news.

I was married to white man for several years until he divorced me. We never had any children. Anyway I moped around like any thirty-something divorcee for a while until a friend of mine set me up to go on on the dreaded double date with her.

I agreed. You can imagine my surprise to discover that both of our dates were black men–talk about being caught off guard!

Well, it turned out to be one of the most exciting evenings of my life, and though we didn’t stay together for very long, the complexion of my gentlemen callers changed forever.

Finally I met my very special man and approximately three years ago I got pregnant with a baby girl. He asked me to marry him back then, but I couldn’t bring myself to face another marriage–so I declined.  That didn’t mean we couldn’t live together and raise our daughter, though.

Well, surprise surprise, I became pregnant again this last summer–I’m about three months on…and my significant other has asked me to marry him once again.

I think it’s time for me to say YES. Maybe our toddler can be the flower girl (Grin!) I can tell our other child that he or she attended the wedding as well…

My best to all,

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My Cuckold Fantasies

cuckold fantasiesMy cuckold fantasies started with me wanting girls I dated to sleep with other men, maybe 5 years ago. I never really had the opportunity until I was in college and met “Ann”. I went to school in a big college town. Ann was a townie who hung around the University and attended a local community college part time.

All guys were attracted to Ann – she always dressed kinda slutty – ultra tight jeans, short-shorts, mini skirts, and especially tight t-shirts to accentuate her huge, conic tits. She was a little girl – maybe 5’3″ and 120, with brown eyes and dark brown hair. We had parties in my apartment all the time. Ann wandered into to one such party and wound up with me that night. Soon, she was around all the time. She never was against fooling around and was very kinky.

Ann loved getting high. She was always trying to score some weed. There were 3 black guys who lived in the building next door that everyone bought weed from. Since Ann was even wilder when she was high, I visited them frequently. They loved it when I brought Ann along. She was always all smiles and flirting with them. I was so turned on by this…

interracial suckingAnyway, as the semester went on, my finances got tight. One weekend, I was broke and had nothing to purchase anything with. I told Ann and she claimed she could get some for free. She left, and came back in an hour with weed. As she smoked, she told me how she got it… Ann had told Tony, one of the black guys, that she wanted weed but had no money. He told her “no credit”.

With that, she offered to do whatever Tony wanted “as a joke”. Tony told her he wanted her to blow him. Ann dropped down to her knees, unzipped him, and sucked his black dick until he came inside her mouth. As she told me this, both us us high, I kissed her.

My cuckold fantasies running wild, I imagined what she had done, and I came instantly. I broke down and told Ann all about my fantasy. I told her I’d love to see her with multiple guys, all the time, any and every way. She laughed, inhaled, and said “ok”!

I then approached Tony and told him it was cool, and that I was also cool with he and anyone else using Ann. Tony was surprised,but very calm about it. He thanked me and said he might take me up on it.

For the next 6 months, Ann sort of became the building slut. Tony, his roommates, his friends and other people took to nailing her all the time. Ann knew I liked it and made a point of talking about it before and after. Numerous times, I walked into my own bedroom to find her getting fucked by Tony’s black dick.

interracial gang bangThey were actually cool about it – often engaging me while they did her like “hey, she is such a little whore”! Ann would purposely leave things for me to find – used tissue, rubbers, panties stiff with dried cum – all over my bedroom. My cuckold fantasies proved to be just as exciting as I imagined they would be. It was the sexiest experience ever!


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Hot Interracial Couples – Teen Interracial Romance is The Wave of The Future

interracial prom dateHot interracial couples are showing up everywhere, in film, in clubs, on the beach, at the prom, in the mall, and everywhere young people gather. It’s a sign that teen interracial romance is growing in popularity all the time!

There was a time in our history when this was strictly forbidden, when black men would not even be able to look upon and admire the pale skinned blonde haired white woman, for fear of being severely punished or worse!

He could not run his strong black hands all over the soft pink skin of the women he longed to please and enjoy sexually. He could not satisfy the natural hunger that a strong sexy black man feels for a white woman.

Now however we have laws that prohibit discrimination in everything including the ability to associate freely with whomever you want, white or black. Black men and white women are now legally free to mix, mingle, date, marry, and be sexually intimate, and it appears  that they are making up for lost time!Cute Interracial Couple

We see hot interracial couples everywhere, showing the world the freedom they have to enjoy each other in all the ways that men and women do. Of course black women and white men have this freedom too, but the most frequent and prolific interracial interactions occur between white women and the black men who desire them.young interracial desireInteractions between races tend to start with young people who haven’t yet learned the prejudices of the older generation. There is less consciousness about race and more acceptance of people for who they are rather than what the stereotypes about their race or ethnicity are.

Another phenomenon is that young white women are not shy about revealing their attraction to black men that’s based on their perception of black male sexuality and confidence. Women are drawn to sexually confident men, and black men seem to exude this confidence.teen interracial sexuality

This in and of itself could be considered a racial stereotype but it’s one that appears to be grounded in reality. Black men are keenly aware of this perception, and project that confidence which attracts attention from white girls in their environment.

We see this from grade school to college. Junior high and high school white females become aware of the black boys in their environment, and as they get older there is more and more interaction occurring in the school setting.forbidden interracial kiss

You begin to see many more hot interracial couples in high school, it intensifies in college where white girls who live on campus are pretty much free to hang out with any men they want to. Increasingly they seek out black men, in part because they have more opportunity to do so, outside the normal supervision they had while living at home.

College campuses are hotbeds of interracial mingling, as young people are asserting their independence and desire to date out side their race. Black men are finding that college campuses provide an endless supply of willing white women they can date, and be sexually intimate with, thus these campuses abound with hot interracial couples enjoying their differences in delightful ways.negro loving white teen

Many white girls ad black men have their first interracial intimacy in college for this reason. It provides opportunities that would be more difficult to come by in their original communities due to the still strong societal taboos against interracial dating.

For this reason the sexual passion thus far denied and bottled up explodes with more force and provides a heightened sense of the power of interracial intimacy that makes these women crave the black experience again and again.

Some white couples in which the wife enjoys sexual intimacy with a series of black lovers, owe this phenomenon to the sexual experiences the wife had in college with black men. A husband that is ok with his wife’s enjoyment of interracial sexuality will provide an opportunity for her to once again enjoy the deeply satisfying interracial sex she had in college.hot interracial dating

Not all white girls who are part of hot interracial couples in high school or college end up marrying or living with black men when they grow up, but many DO continue to seek sexual intimacy with black men even after they marry or live with white men.

Perhaps the white boys who see these girls with black men in high school or college should understand that they will always crave intimacy with the black male and that being married or in a permanent relationship with a white man will not prevent them from wanting and many times acting on their natural desires for black male sexuality.black man white girl

High schools and colleges are where white girls first start to discover and enjoy what black men have to offer. Perhaps it is also where white boys begin to appreciate the wonder of white female attraction to black men and the beauty of interracial sexuality.

So here’s to all those wonderful hot interracial couples out there and the lifetime of sexual enjoyment they will experience as a result of their attraction and interracial.

They are changing the sexual landscape of our society one couple at a time!

interracial desire






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