A Few Good Black Men

good black man for white wifeWhite couples are looking for a few good black men! Are you one of them? This is the dilemma that many modern white couples face, when they begin to go down the road of interracial encounters. They are looking for quality black men for the most secret of sexual lifestyles.

As you might imagine, this isn’t easy, due to the very secret nature of this lifestyle and the fact that black men and white couples often travel in social circles that are different, and thus do not necessarily come into contact with each other. The result is difficulty finding the right black man for their adventures.

What to do? Well, the online world of the Internet provides lots of places where white couples and black men can find each other. There are of course many adult dating sites where you can find willing partners for “hook-ups.” There are also blogs and forums dedicated to interracial erotica that have sections where people can meet.

white wife with negro loverHowever, people have to be willing to put themselves out there and that can be kind of scary. Fear of the unknown, and fear of rejection is keeping many good people from fully participating in the interracial swinging scene. This needs to change!

Interracial sex play with a white man’s wife is one of the most pleasurable experiences a black man can have! The emotional and sexual dynamic of interracial cuckold encounters is very intense and fulfilling, and there are many white couples out there who are looking for the black men who can step up and fulfill that role.

Believe it or not, there are black men out there who are hesitant about engaging white couples in sexual play. They may be afraid of rejection, or not know where to meet white couples, and how to approach them. For these black men, a few simple common sense rules are in order.

Be natural and down to earth!

A low key approach being cordial and laid back will put prospective couples at ease and allow for more engaging conversation that might just lead to an encounter.

Show your interest in an understated way.

A white couple that is “looking” will pick up on the feeling that you are interested, but a low key approach will not turn them off. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to express your sexual interest in a white man’s wife, as long as you are polite and not crass or vulgar about it.

Be flexible about the logistics.

Most couples will want to meet you at a motel for reasons of safety and security. Try to be flexible and accommodating about the arrangements. You will be putting them at ease and increasing your chances of landing some married white pussy.

Be honest and up front in your dealings.

Couples do not want “playas,” they want quality stand up guys that say what they mean and mean what they say. They want to know that a date will be kept and that their ground rules will be respected.

cuckold white coupleBelieve me when I tell you that white couples are out there looking. Some look offline in clubs and other public places. These people are likely to be more confident about their activities and comfortable approaching you in a public venue.

Others are trolling the Internet in search of just the right black man to begin their interracial adventure. Remember that there are more white couple searching for black men, than there are black men to go around.

You need not be in fantastic physical shape or be drop dead handsome. All you need is confidence in yourself, and the feeling that you can offer a white couple something they want and value, and that is a black gentleman that is sexually interested in the wife, and determined to show her a good time.

heavenly black dickI have mentioned before that many black men have no idea how popular this lifestyle is, and how much pleasure they can have when dealing with a white couple, where the wife cuckolds her husband with a black man.

White women love the black man’s sexuality, and this is no less true of white women who are married. They may have heard things from their girlfriends about the size and power of the black man’s penis.

Or they may have been on interracial sites on the Internet and seen the pictures and descriptions posted on those sites about how pleasurable the interracial experience really is. Once they experience a black men, they will always crave and want more. This is never a one time experience.

cheating white wifes assOnce that door has been opened by a white woman, she will always come back to enjoy interracial sex, again and again. The contacts you make with white couples can lead to years of very satisfying encounters and terrific sex.

So…if you are a black man, get out there and make yourself available to these white couples. Remember that they are searching for you, and you only need to let them know in a subtle and classy way that you are interested in their company.

Much great sex will follow if you play your cards right, and you will never regret entering the world of interracial swinging! Yes, white couple ARE looking for a few good black men. Just make sure they know that you are one of them!

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Interracial Cuckold Video Clip By White Boyfriend

Another interracial cuckold video clip for you to enjoy!

Interracial sex recorded by white husbands and boyfriends seems to be a popular pastime these days.

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Amateur Interracial Oral Loving

Another beautiful clip of a white woman orally worshiping her black man.

This beautiful scene is being repeated in motels all over the country!

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White Wives with Black Men – A Compilation

White wives with black men is a video compilation of interracial adultery between married white women and their black male lovers.

The cuckold fantasy comes alive for these women and the men who love them!

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Young White Girl and Her Negro Stud

This young white girl knows that when it comes to sex, her negro stud will fill her up and give her interracial satisfaction!

Every this girl should experience a black man at least once in her life. Guaranteed it won’t be her last!

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Blonde Wife and Black Man

This blonde wife and her black man really go to town in this hot sexy interracial video.

Scenes like this are playing out in quiet roadside motels all over the country! White wives are stepping out with their black men and loving every bit of interracial attention they receive!

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French Interracial Delights

This gorgeous couple shows the true beauty of interracial intercourse!

The black man and his blonde haired lover show you why interracial sex is the hottest there is!

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Interracial Loving in The Old South

Interracial loving did indeed take place in the Old South. White ladies and wives of plantation owners helped themselves to black male slaves just as their husbands enjoyed sex with female slaves. History downplays the amount of interracial sexing that occurred in the pre Civil War South.

Many a white woman enjoyed the black man during this period in history, just as they do today!

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My First Negro Cock – But Not My Last!

interracial suckingMy first negro cock was something my boyfriend and I had discussed at length, and fantasized over, but we always seem to put off doing it. Somehow though, I knew that one day it would really happen, one day I would experience my first black man and his African dick!

I had chatted online with a few black men, and even seen their cocks on web cam. This was exciting to me, but I had yet to make the leap to actually meeting them and experiencing what both me and my boyfriend admitted turned us on and exited us so much.

Well one day one of my chats turned into a tentative plan to meet. My boyfriend made the arrangements and set the date. Our entrance into the interracial lifestyle was about to begin. The day arrived and we checked into our hotel and prepared to meet the black stud we had selected for me. We text-ed him to let him know we were ready. He text ed back that he would be there in 20 minutes.

I immediately got butterflies in my stomach and a kind of vibration going through my body and settling in my pussy. It seemed as though my boyfriend was just as ex cited! We waited nervously for our stud to arrive.

first negro dickSoon a knock at the door signaled his arrival. We opened the door and in stepped a very dark skinned man with classic African features. A real black man who would soon be taking my interracial virginity. We engaged in some small talk, and all the while we were wondering just how to initiate the sexual play we had anticipated.

When my boyfriend had to use the bathroom, I took the opportunity to get things going and announced that I was interested in much more than just talking. The black man grinned and said he felt the same way. I asked him to undress so that I could get a look at my black stallion.

I began to undress as well. It was then that I saw what was to be my first negro cock. Even though it was only semi hard, is was enormous. I knelt down and brought my lips and tongue to his black cock, feeling it twitch and grow ever harder right in front of my eyes. Thoughts of that big black snake thrusting into my lily white vagina made me quiver.

I found myself thinking, can I really take this ebony monster in my mouth and cunt? The very idea that I might struggle with this excited me! I was so involved in the sensation of touching and tasting that African dick, that I didn’t even notice my boyfriend enter the room again.

loves black cockHe said something about us starting without him, but I was too engrossed about the thick black dick in my mouth to pay any attention. The aroma of “black cock” was wafting through my nostrils as the big round black head of his penis filled my eager mouth.

I swirled my tongue all over my first negro cock, licking the shaft and his enormous black balls. I tried to suck that penis the way I do my boyfriend’s, but the sheer size of Marcus’s dick, made for a difficult time. Marcus commented to my boyfriend that I was really good at giving head, but little did he know I could not take him all the way in like I did with my boyfriend.

My pussy was getting ever more wet as I sucked on the huge black cock in my mouth. Soon I felt Marcus lay me down on the bed, no doubt wanting to mount me. I was getting really anxious to feel my first negro cock enter my white vagina.

Then I felt his hot tongue slide into my pussy. He also slid two fingers into my dripping snatch as he began to play with me as he slurped my juices. I began to moan loudly as Marcus worked his magic on me.

eating shite pussyMy boyfriend was very aroused by the whole scene as he watch the big black man all over my naked body. My boyfriend’s plan was just to watch, but when the excitement overcame him, he undressed, took out his erect penis, and came to join us. I soon had a penis in each hand, and was literally in heaven! I sucked them both in turn, comparing the size, smell, taste, and texture of those man rods.

By this time I had enough foreplay and was ready to be thoroughly fucked by my first negro cock. I grabbed Marcus’s dick and guided the big bulbous head to my pussy lips. Marcus began to push his rod into my dripping snatch as I struggled to take his full length into my cunt.

Marcus took his time and slowly inched inside me, allowing me to get used to his massive African dick. Inch by inch I opened up and adjusted to his ebony girth until it completely filled my white vagina. I felt stuffed, stretched, and totally filled!

interracial fuckI felt hot, and my entire body vibrated with excitement. I loved the feeling of having a black cock inside me, filling me up, and stretching me out like never before. All I knew was that I wanted more of this. I didn’t ever want it to stop!

Marcus had been gentle with me thus far, but I felt a new urgency in his movements, as he picked up speed and began thrusting into me with authority. Marcus was now deeper into me than any man had ever been, and I absolutely loved it. All I knew was that I wanted to be taken by this black stud…completely!

Marcus began to moan and groan, fucking me like the black stallion he was. My hands were on his black ass, and I could feel the powerful muscles of his butt clench as he pumped into me. At that moment with my black stud furiously fucking me I truly felt like a black man’s woman, and I began to say it to Marcus so that my boyfriend could hear. It made me hotter to know that I was giving myself completely to a black man and his African dick, as my boyfriend watched.

interracial intercourseI begged Marcus to come in me and could tell by his movements that he was getting ever closer to his orgasm. Marcus grunted loudly and I felt jet after jet of hot black sperm gushing into my quivering vagina, as my own orgasm overtook me.

We both came down from that intense orgasm as Marcus pulled out of my. I felt his cum begin to run out of my vagina, and I motioned my boyfriend to put his face between my legs and clean the juices from my vagina, which he enthusiastically did.

My first negro cock was better than I could have imagined. This was only the beginning and both me and my boyfriend knew that there would be many more black studs fucking my white cunt with their big black dicks in our future.

interracial delight


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Black Fucking – Recuiting My Friend Jan

black hands white assAs you may have read in a previous post about black fucking, I have recently “gone black” and am now about 14 weeks black preggo by Rochester, one of my hubbie’s friends.  You can read more about  me and my journey into black sexing but just for a little background, I am very petite at 5 ft., about 97 pounds, a natural blonde with blue/green eyes.

Rochester is a very nice black gentleman who is very “gifted” at 10 ½ inches long and an incredible 7 ¼ inches in circumference at mid-shaft which works out to about 2 ½ inches diameter.  Rochester took me by storm the first time and although I had the normal concerns about not being able to take such a huge guy he expertly converted me in one afternoon with his gentle yet assertive approach.

Hubby loves to see his cock with the base on my cunt and the head way past my belly button.  Yes, past the belly button! If you look at the picture you will have an idea of our relative sizes.  And I’m very proud to say that all of it goes “balls deep” when we are having interracial sex.

black studIt is so thrilling!  I like to use the term “black fucking” since it is soooooo much better than normal vanilla white fucking that it deserves its own special name.  Most hubbies eventually accept that they can’t provide the attitude, size, stamina, control, contrast and enjoyment as a black boyfriend.

kissing her negroIt’s at that point that the relationship with hubby usually gets much better, based on honesty and he becomes very attentive and supportive of his wife’s sexual needs. In my own case, I love it when hubby cradles me from behind, plays with my titties,and whispers naughty things in my ear and watches intently as Rochester fucks me as seen in the photo.

One of my very best girlfriends, Janice, and I love to share confidences like most close girlfriends to.  Over lunch just a couple of weeks after Rochester had started black fucking me (we black-fucked every day for three weeks after the first session and only took a break since he had to travel on business) Jan asked me what had come over me.

This was just after I found out, much to my delight, that I was black-preggo and I told her everything.  And, just to top things off, I pulled my preggo test result out of my purse and a picture of hubby’s wonderful support, just like in the second picture.

black cock studShe was shocked but gave me a big hug telling me how happy she was for me.  She had tons of questions and just couldn’t seem to get enough information.  Now being very liberal in such matters and wanting very much to convert more white wives to the wonderful benefits of black fucking I asked her if she would like to see for herself.

beautiful black cockShe is a natural red head and I think her blush was redder than her hair!  So with a huge smile (one of my best features, I’m told) I said “Come on, tell the truth!” and she just nodded her head.  She is an anesthesiologist and as things worked out she had the next day off so we hatched a little surprise for Rochester who was going to “visit” me the next day.

I told her to come by at about 2:30PM since I knew that Rochester and I would be black fucking by then.  She rang the bell and I told Rochester that it was probably just a guy coming by to check the gas meter and I’d be right back.  I put on a very tiny baby doll top and went to the door and very quietly let Jan in.

Dropping the robe, I told her to follow me and we quietly went to the bedroom and Jan went right in.  Rochester was laying on the bed with a huge hard-on as I introduced Rochester to Jan.  Talk about funny!  I then told Jan to tell Rochester how happy she was to meet him by shaking his monster cock.  I was doubled up in laughter at the funny scene.

I told Rochester that Jan wanted to sample some of that magic black cock and asked if he would mind.   Rochester just grinned from ear-to-ear.  What guy could resist a very pretty red-head like Jan?  I told Jan to just watch for a while and got myself in missionary position so she could see the full length of his cock as we black-fucked.

interracial blow jobBut first I told Rochester to show Jan how far it was going to go by having him lay the base on my cunt with the tip well past the belly button and nearly touching my titties.  Jan just gasped.  Then as he went  into to me she said “That’s amazing and beautiful”.

Rochester slowly sawed in and out and kissed Jan and managed to get her panties and bra off so Jan was naked as a jay bird.  I had already cum a couple of times and told Jan to tickle Rochester’s balls (he always cums when I do that).  She tickled his balls with her tongue!

Rochester blew a huge cunt load into me and we all watched as this huge, thick load slowly came out.  Jan said she had no idea a guy could cum so much.  Of course in this situation Rochester was still rock hard and I asked Jan if she was up for some black cock.  She had been working her clit so much it was obvious she needed some male attention.

I told her not to worry about Rochester’s size since he is a gentleman and would make sure that she was never in discomfort.  I also told her to just lay back and Rochester would take her to heaven.  He carefully entered her, just like he did to me the first time, and had Jan rub his cock along her labia to open her up a bit and avoid anything unpleasant as he went in.

I think Jan had  her first orgasm as he started a slow fucking motion at about three inches in.  At about 7or so inches in he she tensed a bit and I asked if he was touching her cervix and she said “um hum” and he just rested there showering her mouth and titties with kisses.

sucking negro dickWhat a beautiful sight to see a very pale, shapely red head with big natural titties and nicely trimmed red cunt hair with a huge black cock well in her.  Fantastic.   It was a sensual overload for both of them and she had a huge orgasm as he flooded her cunt.

I was so cute as they orgasmed and kissed and while locked in this erotic embrace Rochester slowly went balls deep, his way being lubricated no doubt by all of the sperm he just unloaded and of course by Jan’s own lubricant!

Jan couldn’t believe it and and as he short stroked her she said “Hey big boy, you’re getting my clit and cervix at the same time.  He was also mouth kissing her and sucking  on her titties.  They both came again in about 3 or 4 minutes.

At this point we all needed a bit of a rest and we just kissed, caressed, talked, had some cold drinks and basked in the glow of some really fun sex.  And can you imagine, Rochester got another boner!  He suggested a “double black-fuck” and at this point we were all so far gone we thought why not.

big black dickJan, who is about 5’6” and 120 lbs just laid back in missionary position and since I am very tiny, I laid with my back on her supporting some of my weight on my elbows. We were both presenting our messy cunts for his inspection and use.  And I do mean messy.

suck her black manHowever, in our mental state the cum swamp mess was just a kind of added attraction! Rochester took up “the position” kneeling between us and went balls-deep into my cunt in one smooth stroke.  And then he started alternating between us since for his huge cock access to each of our cunts  wasn’t a problem.  He black fucked us both to orgasm (true!) and when he started to cum he still alternated, putting gobs of cum in both of our cunts.

Talk about being a gentleman! We completely wore Rochester out and were very pound that we could do that.  However, when we showered together (what a great way to finish off a black sexing session!) we were all kissing and touching and Rochester, just like a true cunt-hound, black fucked Jan again.

Jan, was a little surprised and said “Oh, what a nice surprise!” and as he blacked her from behind Jan and I kissed each other’s titties and played with each other’s clit.  I cupped Rochester’s balls and just held them as he went balls-deep into Jan and bathed her cunt with his lovely, thick cum (this time only what would be a normal amount for a white hubby).

Needless to say, Janice is completely hooked on interracial sex and has found a very nice black intern who fucks her regularly.  She is also sharing the “Joy of black fucking” with her nurse and MD friends and tells me that it is spreading like wildfire at her hospital.

taking black cockIn fact she told me that the head of her division had to obliquely remind them that they were all professionals and needed to be discreet and professional.  Her hubby is an older MD of about 55 and she says not very capable sexually but a truly wonderful and thoughtful guy.

She put a pic of her black fucking Rochester under the blankets for him to find and, according to her, he was delighted.  So much so that he fucked her for the first time in many months.  Jan told me that she really enjoyed the closeness and his excitement, just like Leon and I do after a black boyfriend has had me.

Jan and I like to go clubbing with black guys and have a great time teasing the white guys.  We have become so comfortable with the lifestyle that we often black fuck together on the same bed and of course the guys always want to try some “new” cunt, which we are only too happy to provide.

They especially love that I am preggo and showing a black baby bump so they have no trouble getting it up even after they have black fucked Jan a couple of times. If you haven’t tried black sexing all that I can say is that many white wives find it to be just wonderful and opens up new horizons for them and also for their hubbies.

spread for black dickIf you already are being black sexed I think that it is a good idea to share with your girlfriends how enriching and exciting “going black” can be with your girlfriends.  The naughtiness, the great sex, the closer bonding with hubby as well as combating racism have brought lots of white wives a lot of happiness.  And it has brought me the prospect of a black baby!

If you decide that this is for you I would like to wish you all the best.  Just remember to include hubby in this adventure.  All of my “gone black” married friends have done this with what they tell me are very positive results for their marriage and relationship with their hubbies. And, very seriously, can you think of a better way to combat racism?

If you haven’t tried black sexing, it is very validating to realize that many white wives and couples love the lifestyle as is so well documented in this blog.  Most find IR sexing to be just wonderful, opening up new horizons for both wives and hubbies. Take a look at the messages to white women and couples in this blog which are so very true and supportive.

a black man's slutIf you already are into black fucking, then sharing your experiences with your girlfriends can be very rewarding.  The knowledge you are helping others find intense enjoyment is for most wives, very rewarding.   The naughtiness, the great sex, the closer bonding with hubby as well as combating racism have brought lots of us white wives great satisfaction.  And it has brought me the prospect of a black baby!

Proudly black preggo,


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